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Uttarakhand is a state in northern India known for its natural beauty and cultural diversity. The state is home to two popular cuisines- Kumaoni and Garhwal, Some of the famous foods of Uttarakhand include:

List of 18 Famous Food from Uttarakhand

The Uttarakhand food is very simple and less spicy.  Here we have listed 18 Famous food of Uttarakhand.

1. Kafuli

Kafuli is a popular dish of Uttarakhand. It is made with various greens, such as chaulai, (amaranth leaves), palak (spinach), or methi (fenugreek leaves), which are cooked with spices, yogurt, and gram flour (chickpea flour).

The presence of Spinach makes this food one of the healthiest food. The dish is typically Served with a Topping of Butter and Eaten with steamed rice roti (flatbread).

2. Bhang Ki Chutney

Yes, you’re reading right. Chutney Made of Bhang. Bhang is the Hindi word for Cannabis Plant. It is a Traditional food of Uttarakhand. It’s Tangy in taste. Prepared with other condiments and spices.

This food belongs to the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand And locally it is very common in festivals and celebrations. Chutney is made of the seed of cannabis. Which does not have psychoactive properties.

Roasted seeds are ground with mint, lemon juice, and green chillis. This tangy flavour side dish is eaten with a meal in every household.

Bhang is a very Important Plant in Indian culture” Bhang Lassi” and “Bhang Thandai” is very famous Beverage during the “Holi” Festival

3. Garhwal Ka Fannah

If you are in Mussoorie, you must try this local Recipe. This Popular dish is from Garhwal Cuisine. This delicious dish looks very similar to Dal Makhani. But tastes are distinct. It is Popular in all special functions and celebrations in the Garhwal region.

This finger-licking Lentils-based dish is prepared with the Kulad dal. Soaked Lentils are cooked with Ginger Garlic paste and other Spices.

This food is easily available at every local restaurant in Mussoorie. The dish is garnished with coriander and Served Hot.

It is mostly eaten with Rice or Roti ( Indian flatbread). It is very good for health, Lentils are a source of Protein.

4. Phaanu

Phaanu is a popular dish of Uttarakhand from Kumaon Cuisine. It is also spelt as “Phanu”. This Soupy lentil-based dish is healthy food. In Kumaon Region, phaanu is made with Gahat dal.

But it can be made with any dal (lentils) like Arhar Dal, Toor Dal, Moong Dal, and Urad dal. Dal is cooked with tomatoes, ginger-garlic pastes, and other spices.

Later on, tempering is done with Ghee, with cumin seeds, and cooked again for some time. This side dish is served Hot with Rice or Indian flatbread. You can add some butter to enhance the taste.

5. Kandalee Ka Saag- Popular sabzi of Uttarkhand

It is a Traditional food of Uttrakhand. Kandalee is a green leafy vegetable. It is rich in nutrients. This Leafy vegetable is unique. Locally, it is popular with the name “Bichhu Ghas”. This Plant is very common in the Himalayan region.

It is a very popular food among Locals. Kandalee Ka Saag is very simple and easy to cook. It is first boiled and then Cooked with Jakhiya (Jeera) and other Spices.

This Leafy dish is amazed you with its taste. It is a very good dish for the immune system. Usage of butter cubes to make it more special and delicious.

6. Dubuk

Dubuk is one more cuisine based on Lentils. This dish is from “Garhwal Cuisine”. It is another famous food from Uttarakhand. It’s Mostly consumed in the winter.

Dubuk is made with dal & other Indian Spices. The most preferred dal for this dish is Gahat ki dal. It is served with Hot Steamed Rice with Bhang ki chutney.

7. Thhatwani/Ras

Thhatwani is the famous food of Uttarakhand. This dish belongs to the Kumaon region. Thhatwani is made of mixed lentils, Rice Paste with spices. It is cooked in a special kind of iron kadhai. The dish is full of protein and served with steamed rice & Bhang ki chutney. It is also known as Ras.


Another Healthy and Highly Nutritious Food of Uttarakhand is Chainsoo. This Pahari dish is made with Kali Dal (Urad Dal or Black gram seeds).

As you know, Black Gram seeds are a good source of Protein and Very good for health. This dish belongs to “Gharwali cuisine”. Chainsoo is made from boiled & Roasted urad dal Powder, which is then cooked with other Indian spices.

It is Cooked in Special kinds of Iron Pots on low flame. This aromatic dish is topped with ghee. Chainsoo, is a Uttarakhand special food. It is very common during winter. Food is usually served with steamed rice or roti.

9. Aalo Tamatar Ka jhol

Aaloo Tamatar ka Jhol ka, a very popular famous food in Uttarakhand. The reason is that the dish is very tasty. And the dish is very simple to make.

Famous food in every household. It can be prepared in 10-15min. Aaloo (Potato) and Tamatar (Tomato) are cooked together with Indian Spices.

Boiled Potatoes are used and Cooked in Tomato based Gravy. Thick gravy dish served with hot rice or Roti.

10. Aloo Gutuk

Allo Gutuk is a very tasty Aloo Fry Dish from Uttarakhand Cuisine. This Food is very Popular among Pahari People. Pahari people mean “people inhabiting the hilly area”.

Locals love this food. Because it is easy to cook, it is well known in every household of Uttarakhand. Potato is the Staple of the Uttarkhand.

Aloo is Cooked in Mustard oil with other spices on low flame. It is served hot with Roti or Puri with the topping of Coriander leaves.

11. Baadi

Baadi is a famous food of Uttarakhand. This dish is Extremely healthy and Very easy to Cook. It can be made in 5-10 minutes. It is Made of Kwada ka Aata ( Also known as Choon or Mandua or Raagi or Buckwheat flour).

This exotic famous dish of Uttarakhand belongs to Garhwali cuisine. Baadi has a very high nutritional value.

it is a scrumptious dish made by boiling buckwheat flour in water and served with Ghee. Hot Baadi has Generally eaten with Hot Phanu or Gahat ki dal.

12. Kumaoni Raita

As the name indicates, this famous food of Uttarakhand belongs to Kumaoni Cuisine. Kumaoni Raita is a very essential part of Uttarakhand food.

This Raita is made with Cucumber. It is also known as Pahadi Kheere ka Rita. Kheera is Cucumber. Raita is prepared with fresh Cucumber, Yogurt, red chili powder, Mustard seed, etc.

It is eaten chilled. Raita is generally served as a side dish with any Rice or rice-based delicacy like biryani, pulao, etc.

13. Bhutwa

Bhutwa is a Special Non-Veg recipe of Uttarakhand. It is the most famous food of Uttarakhand for Non-Vegetarians.

This recipe is also very popular in Nepal. Bhutwa is Meat Based recipe. The intestine and stomach of Mutton or lamb are used to prepare this recipe.

This is a dry recipe, it is also known as “Bhuna Gosht”. It is easily available at local restaurants or eateries,

14. Gulgula

Gulagula is a very popular snack in Uttarakhand. This food is famous in North India. Gulgula is a sweet delicacy from Uttarkhand and quite Popular among tourists.

This food is from Garhwali cuisine. Gulgula is made with Wheat flour, jaggery, and some Spices. A ball is prepared with dough made with wheat, jaggery, and other spices.

This deep-fried dish will hit your taste buds. Gulgula is an addictive dish from Uttarakhand food and is popular among all age groups.

15. Arsa- Traditional Sweet of Uttarakhand

The tastiest sweet dishes of the Pahari cuisine. Prepared with cane sugar, rice, and mustard oil. This Uttarakhand food is a PopularPopular snack during festivals and celebrations. Delicious mouth-watering dishes.

16. Jhangora Ki Kheer

If you want to taste a local sweet Uttarakhand dish. This local dish for you. Jhangora ki kheer with an outstanding taste and aroma. One of the most popular recipes of the state. Jhangora is a type of millet. That is an important ingredient in this dessert.

17. Singori

These Uttarakhand sweet dishes are also referred to as Singodi or Singauri. This Popular dish has Unique Cone Shape Container. Singori is the recipe for Kumaoni Cuisine.

It is made of Khoa . Khoa, Sugar, and Coconut are kneaded and cooked well. It is served in the Special Cone shape Container made with plant leaves. Malu leaves are used to make a cone. If it is not available, banana leaves are also used.

18. Mooli ki Thichwani ( Radish Curry)

Mooli thichwani is a curry dish. Mooli is the Hindi name of Radish. This curry dish is made with white Radish also known as Daikon. Commonly found in India.

Radish and Potato are cut into pieces and then marinated in spices. After that, cooked with Indian spices with water for the curry. Radish helps to detoxify your body.

Uttarakhand Food

Q.2 What is the Name of the famous food of Uttarakhand?

Name of Famous food of Uttarakhand are Kafuli, Bhang Ki Chutney, Garhwal Ka Fannah, Phaanu, Kandalee Ka Saag, Dubuk, Thhatwani/Ras, Chainsoo, Aalo Tamatar Ka jhol, Aloo Gutuk, Baadi, Kumaoni Raita, Bhutwa, Gulgula, Arsa, Jhangora Ki Kheer, Singori, Mooli ki Thichwani ( Radish Curry).

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