Exploring the Top 5 Famous Food of Ladakh: A Culinary Journey

Apart from bike riding, another exhilarating highlight of the region is the famous food of Ladakh. Ladakh’s cuisine is a perfect blend of Indian, Tibetan, and Central Asian influences that have made it famous worldwide.

Ladakhi food is not only delicious but also reflects the region’s rich cultural heritage. From momos to thukpas, there are a plethora of dishes that you can savour while exploring the beautiful landscapes of Ladakh.

In this blog, we will take you on a culinary journey to discover the famous food of Ladakh, its unique flavours, and the stories behind them. So get ready to tantalize your taste buds and experience the magic of Ladakh’s famous food.

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A Quick Guide to 15 Famous food of Ladakh

1. Apricot Jam or Chuili- Famous jam of Ladakh

Apricot is a widely grown fruit in Ladakh. Ladaki People called it Chulli. Apricot is a highly nutritive, delicious, and commercially important fruit and apricot jam is a Popular food in Ladakh.

It’s served with the Khambhir. Khambir, a Kind of local bread. Local people use this fruit in other ways, such as juice, dried apricot, Pickles, etc.

2. Po cha/ Gur Gur Chai- Famous tea of Ladakh

A special Beverage of Ladakh. It is tea. It’s also known as Po cha, Gur Gir Tea, Tibetan Tea, butter tea, etc. Po cha is the Traditional food of Ladakh. Quite an essential drink in this challenging climatic situation.

Consumed in all festivals and celebrations. This tea has a Salty flavor rather than a sweet one. Prepared with Butter, Milk, Salt, Gur & Boiled tea leaves.

Chhurpe is another famous food of Ladakh. Also Spelled as Chhurpi. It is actually a Cottage cheese Prepared with Yak milk or Cow Milk. This is usually available in two varieties, hard and soft.

Famous Yak cheese is prepared in a special kind of wooden drum called “Shoptu”.

3. Chhurpe/Chhurpi / Durkha Dried Cheese of Yak)

It is consumed in various ways. Soft cheese is used in Noodles, Momos, Chutneys, and Soups. It is used as an appetizer. While hard cheese is very popular as a dog chew.

Also known as Himalayan dog chew, Desert dog chew, Yeti dog chew, Chhurpi bar, Chhurpi puffs.

Chhurpe contains a high amount of protein and is Superb food for humans & dogs. Food is quite popular in Nepal, and Tibet in snow-laden areas. Once the chhurpe is prepared, it can be stored for 3-4 years without preservation.

4. Chhutagi -Dumpling Soup

Chhutagi is a Dumpling soup dish from Ladakhi food recipes. In literal definition, Chhutagi is water bread. “Chh” means water and “tagi” means bread in the local language.

One of the traditional food of Ladakh. It’s another dish based on broth. A bow tie-shaped dumpling is prepared, and it is cooked with thick soup made of, Carrots, peas, & leaf vegetables, etc. This delicious dish is available in a Non-Veg version too.

5. Khambir- Traditional food of Ladakh

If we talk about the staple food of Ladakh. Khambir is one of them. Khambir is a local Ladakhi bread. The shape of this bread is a bit different from regular bread.

Khambir is Round in shape. This Ladaki Bread is used for breakfast or evening snacks with butter tea. It is thick crust bread with a crisp flavour. Khambir is also eaten with Apricot Jam

6. Momos

Momos are also referred to as dumplings. It’s one of the most popular dishes in the country. It is a staple food of Ladakh. The dish is available in Veg and Non-Veg varieties.

Momos are made with wheat flour and filled with Veg or Non-veg stuffing. This food is prepared in a Special kind of Jar. The jar is known as Mokto. It’s available in different shapes, too.

The stuffed dumplings were either baked in steam or fried. It is served hot and eaten with Spicy chutney. It is also one of the famous street food of Ladakh.


7. Skyu/Sku/Skieu

This is a soup-based local dish. Skyu is Mostly consumed in Winter. This is prepared with a dough ball that is thumb-size and with vegetables. Both are cooked in Low heat.

It looks similar to Chhutagi. The Dish is High in calories and warms the body. It’s famous among tourists also. This famous food of Ladakh is mostly eaten with meat,

8. Thukpa

Thukpa is the Staple food of Ladakh.it is a soup dish based on Noodles. Available in veg & Non-veg versions. The noodles are made of wheat or barley. It’s a Tibetan dish. Soup (Broth) is full of spices that warm up the body.

Thukpa has a different variety, too. This dish is quite popular in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. The meaning of “Thuk” is Heart.

9. Tingmo

Tingmo is also known as Ting Momo. It is steamed bun-shaped Bread. Tingmo is a very famous food in Ladakh. It’s another dish from Tibetan cuisine. Soft & Fluffy bun made of wheat flour.

Meat-based dishes are served with Tingmo bread. Bread is used for lunch and dinner. A special kind of utensil called Mokto is used to prepare this Local Cuisine. This Ladaki dish is similar to Chinese flower rolls.

10. Mokthuk – Soup Momo

One more famous food of Ladakh. This mouthwatering soup-based dish is Mokthuk. It is a soup-based dish with momo. If you are looking for variation in the soup-based dish, you should go for this dish.

This delicious dish is available in both Options, veg & Non-veg. Momo lovers are going to love this dish. Don’t forget to enjoy this unique delicacy from the Himalayan valley.

11. Kothey Momos- special momos from Ladakh cuisine

You will find various kinds of momos in the Valley. Kothey Momos are one of Them. Kothey Momos is a delicious dumpling from Ladakh cuisine. Not like other momos which are generally steam-cooked or fried. This momo is half fried & half steamed.

The elongated-shaped dish is quite popular in the region. Momo’s Filling Could be either Vegetable or meat. It is served with different types of sauces or chutney. Kothey Momos are a must-try traditional food of Ladakh.

12. Paba

Paba is a Dish Made with Roasted barley flour. It is eaten with Tangthur and Zathuk. Tanghtur is prepared with Buttermilk or yoghurt with some vegetables. While Zathuk is made with Nettle, a local herb of Ladakh. This nettle soup, Zathuk with Paba is very popular during winter.

13. Tsampa- Authentic food of Ladakh

It is made with roasted barley. Flour is prepared after grinding the barley. This barley flour is a very popular food in Tibet & Sikkim Too. Locals are very fond of this food.

A dough is made by the Mixing Butter team, Sugar and Cheese. A ball is formed after mixing the ingredient. This is food is good for health because barley has highly nutritious value.

This roasted flour can be stored in an air-tied jar for the future. Fibre food is good for the digestive system.

14. Sea buckthorn Juice (Leh Berry)- Amazing juice from Ladakh food

Sea buckthorn is also Known as a Sand thorn, seaberry, and Sallow thorn. In Leh- Ladakh area, this fruit is known as “Leh Berry”. It is a kind of Shrub that Product small size orange coloured fruit or berries.

With these Berries, very delicious juice is prepared that is very good for health. These fruits are also used in Cosmetics. This juice is very popular in the name Leh berry juice. Easily available in the supermarket also.

15. Holkur- Special food of ladakh

Holkur is a Special cookie from local Cuisine. It is a homemade Multigrain Biscuit. Locals enjoy this snack with Tea and Coffee during breakfast or evening time. It is one of the authentic food of Ladakh. Nuts are also used in these cookies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the famous food of Ladakh?

Famous foods of Ladakh are Apricot Jam ( Chulli), Po cha(Gur Gur Chai), Chhurpe/Chhurpi / Durkha (Dried Cheese of Yak), Chhutagi -Dumpling Soup, Khambir, Momos, Skyu/Sku/Skieu ,Thukpa, Tingmo, Mokthuk – Soup Momo, Kothey Momos,Paba, Tsampa ,Sea buckthorn Juice (Leh Berry), Holkur etc.

2. What is the famous Cheese of Ladakh?

The famous cheese of Ladakh is Churpi.

3. Which fruit is very famous in Ladakh?

Apricot fruit is a popular fruit in Ladakh. It is a great source of Vitamin A and C, calcium, iron, carbohydrates, amino acids, sugar, and potassium

4. Which grain is famous in Ladakh?

barley and wheat are popular grains in Ladakh.

5. What is the famous tea of Ladakh?

Po cha (Gur-Gur Tea) is the famous tea of Ladakh.

6. What is the famous cookie of Ladakh?

Holkur is the famous cookie of Ladakh.

7. What is Lehberry?

Lehberry or seabuckthorn is a popular fruit of Ladakh. this berry juice is quite popular in the region. this juice is very good for immunity. this tasty drink is a good source of vitamin C,
A, E, K & B.

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