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Famous Food of North India

Famous Food of North-East India

  • Famous Food of Nagaland | Nagaland Food
    The List of famous food of Nagaland included Axone, Samathu, Zutho,Galho etc. Nagaland’s dishes are mostly oil-free and less spicy. This mountainous state has a special love for rice. Boiling or steaming is the most … Read more
  • North-East Delicacy| 12-Famous Food of Tripura | Tripura Food
    The famous Food of Tripura is Mui Borok, The Kosoi Bwtwi, Gudok & Muya Bai. Foods are Amazing & Unique. Famous food of Tripura includes Poad Pitha, Mui Borok, Gudok , Chuak etc. Tripura Cuisine … Read more
  • Famous Food of Sikkim | Sikkimese food
    Sikkimese cuisine includes dishes made of Bamboo shoots and mushrooms. In Sikkim, local people eat Rice, vegetables, Pork, Beef & fermented food. Countries like Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal are Neighbours of Sikkim. The influence of … Read more
  • 15 Famous Food of Mizoram | Mizoram Food
    The cuisine of Mizoram is also known as Mizo cuisine or Mizo food. Famous food of Mizoram includes delectable dishes i.e. Bai, Bamboo Shoot Fry, Bekang, Koat Pitha, etc. Zu is a popular local beverage … Read more
  • 15 Famous Food of Manipur | Manipur Food
    This article will cover your search for famous food in Manipur. here is the 15 traditional food of Manipur. Most of the dishes are either boiled or steamed. Fish are the staple food of Manipur. … Read more
  • Top 14 Famous Food of Meghalaya| Meghalaya Food
    Traveling to Meghalaya. I believe any travel is incomplete without local food. Find here a list of the Famous foods of Meghalaya. Local dishes are based on rice, pork, bamboo shoots, and fish. North-East foods … Read more

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