Famous Food of Himachal Pradesh | 13 Himachal Pradesh Food

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About the Food of Himachal Pradesh:

Himachal Cuisine is known as Pahadi Khana or Pahari Khana. Famous food of Himachal Pradesh includes dishes made of rice, lentils, vegetable, meat, and Bread.

Punjabi and Tibetan cuisines have influenced Himachali cuisine. The traditional food of Himachal is Madara, Kadhi, Khatta, etc. Red meat is also very popular in Himachal Region.

Dham is the special food of Himachal Pradesh.

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What is the Name of the Famous Food of Himachal Pradesh?

Some popular Himachal Pradesh food is listed below. Himachal is a Mountainous area. Dishes from this cuisine will definitely touch your soul.

1. Chana Madra

It is one of the traditional food of Himachal Pradesh. This dish is made from Kabuli Chana. Kabuli Chana is a white chickpea. Madra means thick gravy made with yoghurt.

This Thick Gravy based dish is s cooked with spices. This is one of the most famous dishes of Shimla, Himachal. Easily available at any restaurant. Himachal cuisine has a special place for tangy flavour dishes. It is the main course dish.

2. Tudkiya Bhath

Another main course dish from Himachal Cuisine. Bhath is Hindi word for Steamed rice. Actually, Tudkiya Bhath is a spicy flavour of rice. And It’s really very close to Pulao.

This Traditional rice dish of Himachal is cooked with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, bay leaf, rice, dal, lentils, potatoes, onions, and other spices. Tudkiya bhath is Served with drops of Mash Daal and Lemon.

3. Bhey (Spicy Lotus Stems)

A list of Himachal famous food includes another Traditional dish of the state i.e “Bhey”. A dish made of a lotus stem. Bhey means “in the lap of Himalaya”. It is one of the famous dishes of Himachal. It’s a delicious dish, famous in every household.

This dish is prepared with lotus stems. Lotus Stems are cut into thin slices and stir-fried with ginger garlic paste, gram flour, Peper, and other spices.

Lotus is extremely good of health. It has a unique flavour and taste. Bhey is very popular street food and is easily available in every restaurant and Dhaba of Shimla.

4. Chha Gosht

This dish is for lamb lovers. Himachal’s famous food is incomplete with Chha Gosht. it is a delicious lamb dish from Himachal Cuisine.

The gravy of this dish is made of gram flour, yoghurt, and other spices. The dish is cooked marinated with lamb meat. This Himachal dish gives a distinct taste to your taste buds.

5. Babru

If you love Kachori, this dish is for you. They are Himachali Kachoris. Made from black gram daal. You will get a totally different taste of North Indian Kachoris from this crisp & mouth-watering dish. Served with tamarind chutney.

6. Aktori

Without this dish, any festival is incomplete in Himachal. It is prepared with leaves of buckwheat and wheat flour.

7. Kullu Trout fish

Kullu Trout Fish is a Famous Traditional food of Himachal. If you want to enjoy the taste of the river fish of Himachal, You should try this dish. It is a very famous food in Kullu region.

Fish is marinated and cooked with spices and mustard oil. this Pahadi dish is prepared with minimum spices, if you are a seafood lover, you should try the dish. Fish is served with rice.

8. Mittha

It is one of the popular dishes of Himachal. It is a sweet rice dish mixed with raising and other dry fruits.

9. Kaale Channe ka Khatta

Do you want to taste the sour/tangy dish? Then, this dish is for you. It is an authentic Pahari dish served with rice.

10. Kadoo Ka Khatta

As in the name, this dish is sour in taste. Made from pumpkin with spices and Madra gravy. For the tangy taste, mango powder is used along with some other spices.

11. Mash Daal

Daal of black lentils is also known as kaali dal. Dal is soaked a full night and then prepared with onions, ginger, garlic, and spices with mustard oil.

12. Patande

You can say it is an Indian version of a pancake. Made from wheat flour, sugar & milk.

13. Dham

Himachal Pradesh is famous for its “Dham”. It is a traditional feast. This feast is enjoyed by locals during All special events and celebrations. This traditional meal is prepared by a particular cast of Brahmins (Botis).

Dham is the special food of Himachal Pradesh. Its menu generally includes rice, moong dal, Madra, chole, Mash Dal with Khatta, and in dessert Mitha Bhatt ( Rice) or Mithdee.

This feast Menu varies from region to region.

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