Top 10 Famous Food of Madhya Pradesh

The list of Famous food of Madhya Pradesh is very diverse.

Poha- Jalebi is the famous street food of Madhya Pradesh as Breakfast.

Wheat is the staple food of Madhya Pradesh. In Gwalior and Indore milk & milk-based products are quite popular.

In Bhopal Region, people love to eat Non-vegetarian food like Meat, Fish, etc. Bhopal is ruled by Mughal. Reflection of Mughal cuisine can be easily seen in Traditional food,

Madhya Pradesh. The famous food of Madhya Pradesh Dal Bafla is inspired by Dal Bati of Rajasthan cuisine.

Madhya Pradesh State is well known for its Hospitality. Other famous foods are Mawa Bati, khoya jalebi, Bhutte ki khees etc.

Madhya Pradesh is a state located in the centre of India. Surrounded by 5 State borders of Country.

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List of 10 Famous Madhya Pradesh Food:

1. Khasta Kachori:

Khasta kachori is the famous food of Madhya Pradesh. This Popular Snack in the state. Khasta Means Flaky. This food is flaky and crispy in texture. The meaning of Khasta is flaky, and This flaky kachori is filled with Special Mixtures.
This Special Mixture is prepared with Moong Dal with other spices. Khasta Kachoris, deep-fried Snacks. It is served warm or cold with chutney. It is also pronounced kachaudi, Kachauri, or Kachodi. it is also the famous street food of Madhya Pradesh.

2. Bhopali Gosht Korma:

Bhopali Gosht Korma is the famous food of Madhya Pradesh. This Non-vegetarian food is made with Gosht. Gosht is a Mutton. This Madhya Pradesh food belongs to the royal family.
It is a Mughal cuisine dish. Their functions & Celebration was incomplete without this food. Food is originated from Bhopal itself. Mutton is cooked with selected Indian spices and, herbs. The dish is very spicy and has a thick gravy. It is served hot and eaten with rice or roti.

Famous Food of Madhya Pradesh


3. Palak Puri:

One of Healthy from Madhya Pradesh Food List. Puri is deep-fried Indian bread. Prepared with Wheat flour, salt, and water. In Palak, Puri Palak is added to the Mix. Palak is Spinach. This Deep Fried Bread is Served with Sabzi or Pickel. Palak puri is a very famous breakfast. Palak is always good for Health. This dish is also consumed high during Navratri Festivals.

4. Dal Bafla:

Dal Bafla is A famous food of Madhya Pradesh. This popular food is inspired by Rajasthan Cuisine Dal Bati Churma. Dal Bafla Popular in every household of Madhya Pradesh. In Dal, Bati is directly Baked. While in the case of Bafla it is first boiled and then baked. This process makes Bafla softer than Bati. It is served with Lentil curry. Usage of Ghee makes this dish more delectable. This dish is originated from the Malwa Region of Madhya Pradesh.

5. Papad Ki Sabzi:

This is the unique food from the Madhya Pradesh Food List. Papad is a thin Indian Flatbread, it is made from flour if dried lentils, chickpeas, rice, and other spices. Papad is either fried or cooked with dry heat. It tastes a bit Spicy. Very Simple and Easy to cook the dish. It can be prepared within 5-10 minutes. Papad is cooked with Tomato, onion, and Indian Spices. The combination of Tomato and Papad will amaze your taste buds. Food is served hot and eaten with rice and roti.

6. Chakki Ki Shak

This Traditional food of Madhya Pradesh is inspired by Rajthani Cuisine. Food is made with wheat flour. A dumpling prepared with wheat flour. Later one whole wheat dumpling is fried or steamed then cooked in Gravy of tomato and other spices. This is a very simple dish. Food is served with Curd or eaten with Rice. Chakki is Shak is loved in the Indore region. This food is similar to Rajdhani food “gatte ki sabji “.

7. Seek kabab

Famous Non-Veg Recipe of Madhya Pradesh. Seek Kabab means kabab on a skewer. Made with the meat of lamb, chicken, or beef. Meat is Prepared with Spices and herbs. It is cooked on the grill or inside a clay oven. Seek kababs are soft & melt in your easily. It is served with raita, salad, onion slices, and green chutney.

8. Bhutta Ka Kees:

Another Traditional Food of Madhya Pradesh. Bhutaa Means Corn and Kees means Grated. Corn is a Good Source of Vitamin And Energy. Grated or Ground corns are cooked with spices and Milk and Garnished with Coconut. This Delicious food is the signature dish of Indore and very popular in winter. It is also known as Corn Grated Bhel. Very Simple and heath dish. You can easily prepare at home. It is eaten during breakfast or as even snacks with Tea or coffee

Famous Sweet Dish of Madhya Pradesh:

9.Mawa Bati

Mawa Bati is a sweet dish. Very well known in the region. Mawa, Khoa, or Khoya is a dairy product. It is made of Dried milk or Milk thickened by heating. Mawa Based dough is prepared. With this dough, a small size ball is made which is filled with dry fruits. These balls are deeply fried and later on put into the sugar syrup. Now your sweet and crisp Mawa Bati is ready. It is very popular on special occasions and celebrations. This is served warm with a topping of coconut powder. This is a famous sweet dish of Madhya Pradesh.

10. Malpua:

Malpua is a very famous dish in India. It is very popular in Noth India. Mapua is a must dish of every festival in Noth India. Malpua is a Very sweet, soft, fluffy, and crispy pancake. This delicious food is made with wheat Flour and Sugar. Very simple and easy to cook at home. Malpua is deep-fried in oil prepared with a batter of wheat flour. Batter ingredients vary from region to region. Then it is put into the sugar syrup. This sweet dessert is served hot or warm with rabri.


1. What is the Traditional food of Madhya Pradesh are

The traditional foods of Madhya Pradesh are listed below-1. Khasta Kachori 2. Bhopali Gosht Korma, 3. Palak Puri,4. Dal Bafla, 5. Papad Ki Sabzi, 6. Chakki Ki Shak 7. Seek kabab 8. Bhutta Ka Kees 9. Mawa Bati 10. Malpua

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