Famous Food of Kerala | Top 20 Kerala Food

The famous food of Kerala Includes many varieties of Dishes.

Kerala is a beautiful coastal state in southern India that boasts a rich culinary heritage. With a history that dates back to the spice trade routes, Kerala’s cuisine is a delightful blend of indigenous ingredients and foreign influences.

Kerala food is influenced by the cuisines of Malabar, Arab, and French. From the aromatic biryanis to the crispy dosas and spicy curries, Kerala’s food is known for its complexity, depth of flavour, and unique ingredients.

In this blog, we’ll explore the iconic dishes that make Kerala a food lover’s paradise and dive into the fascinating history and culture behind this incredible cuisine. Join us on a culinary journey through the beautiful state of Kerala!

Delicious 20 Famous Food of Kerala

Kerala food is incomplete without seafood like lobsters, fish, mussels, tiger prawns, crabs, etc. Rice-based street food is extremely popular in Kerala. Locals also enjoy chicken and beef a lot.

here for you, we have sorted 20 Popular food of Kerala

1. Malabar Biryani

Malabar, a renowned region in Kerala, is synonymous with its iconic biryani. Loved by the locals, this dish is made using fragrant Basmati rice, succulent meat, and a blend of Indian spices, resulting in a distinct Kerala biryani flavour.

Served piping hot with a side of pickles, yoghurt, and boiled eggs, Malabar biryani is one of the most famous foods in Kerala and enjoys immense popularity across India.

Join us and explore the culinary wonders of Malabar.

Famous food of Kerala - Biryani


2. Idiyappam & Egg Curry

This is Awesome Kerala food. A combination of Idiyappam and egg curry is amazing. Idiyappam is made from rice powder. Cooked in steam and soft in nature. This Kerala food is served with Spicy Egg Curry. It can also be served with Kerala stew.


3. Dosa & Sambar

Dosa-Sambar is a popular South Indian dish in INDIA. Widely available in the Veg Indian restaurant. But if you want to taste the true South Indian flavour of Dosa, try it in Kerala. Dosa is made of rice and served with Sambar. It’s a spicy sour curry, including lentils, vegetables, and Indian spices. Dosa -Sambar is a traditional food of Kerala.

4. Appam

Appam is a local Kerala food prepared with rice batter. Round, soft, spongy, white. It was served hot with a Kerala stew. Kerala Stew is a gravy dish made with potatoes, onions, ginger-garlic, etc. This non-vegetarian stew is also prepared with chicken or mutton. It is another famous Kerala food.

5. Puttu & Kadala Curry

local food Puttu is a popular veg dish for breakfast. Puttu is a combination of rice powder, coconut, and water that is prepared in a steel mould. It was served with the Kadala curry. Kadala curry is made from spicy coconut gravy and boiled black chickpeas. This is a wonderful breakfast.

6. Kerala Spicy Chicken Fry (Naadan Kozhi Varuthathu)

If you’re in love with fried chicken, this Kerala food is for you. Known as Kerala style fried chicken, crispy and soft prepared with coconut oil, brown with Indian spices. Unique and distinct in taste.

7. Kerala Beef Fry – Malabar Parotha

The Malayalees love beef dishes. Served with Parotha. This Kerala food is distinct in taste and has a unique taste. Fried beef is prepared with pepper, onions, and other spices. The usage of coconut makes this local food interesting.

8. Prawn Theeyal

Enjoy the delicious Prawn dish in the style of Kerala. This Kerala dish is prepared with coconut and other spices. Tiger prawns are usually used for this food. This famous dish of Kerala is recommended for all prawn lovers. It gives you an authentic taste of Kerala cuisine.


9. Kallummakkaya Ularthiyath / Mussel Stir Fry

Another Famous food of Kerala is in Non-veg Category. The Mussel dish from Kerala Cuisine’. Mussels are cooked with coconut and spices. And the famous stir-fry mussels are ready to serve with Rice.

10. Thattu Dosa

Tahttu Dosa is the famous street food of Kerala. “Thattu Kada” means roadside eatery. dosa is Prepared with rice and served with chutney or Sambar. It is very Soft & delicious. Very popular among locals,

11. Pathiri

One more traditional food of Kerala. Pathiri is made with rice flour. This Kerala food is popular in Malabar. It is also called a pancake of rice. Food is served with a non-vegetarian curry dish. Famous among Muslim families of the state. It is believed that this Kerala dish is influenced by Arab cuisine.


12. Cheera Thoran :

Cheera Thoran is Kerala style vegetable fried dish. This tasty dish is prepared with red /green spinach leaves. Spinach is a good source of iron for the human body. Food is served with hot rice, dosa, appams and Malabar paratha. It is also eaten as a side dish. This traditional food of Kerala is good for digestion.

13. Mathanga Erissery

It is a popular food in Kerala, Especially during the Onam festival or Vishu Sadhya. Mathanga Erissery is made of Red cowpea, Pumpkin, and Raw Banana with coconut Gravy. This delicious Food goes well with hot rice.

14. Kappa Biriyani

Kappa Biryani is another famous street food in Kerala. A popular delicacy from Thattukada. In this famous Regional dish of Kerala, Kappa is the Main ingredient. In Non- vegetarian version, Kappa is cooked with chicken, Mutton, or Pork, Vegetarian kappa biryani is paired with chickpeas and Grams. Kappa is tapioca.


15. Ela Ada

Ela Ada is a sweet dish from Kerala cuisine. This stuffed sweet dish is made of Rice. The Rice dumpling is filled with Jaggery and Coconut Mix. Rice dumpling is steamed and cooked on banana leaves. This aromatic food definitely hits your taste buds.

16. Erachi Varutharacha curry

This is a Nonvegetarian Curry dish from Kerala Food. Varutharacha Means Roasted. Mutton is roasted with Kerala Spices like Coconuts, cardamon, curry leaves, red Chilies, fennel, etc. This Curry dish goes very well along with idiyappam, rice, and Appam. This delicious delight, bit spicy and mouth-watering

17. Malabar Parotta| Kerala Paratha

Malabar paratha is a special Flatbread in some Kerala Cuisines. It’s a very popular South Indian flatbread. South Indian flatbread (Roti) is based on Rice. But layered roti made of maida or plain flour.

This layered Malabar paratha is consumed with all kinds of Dishes. This Malabar paratha is Flaky and crisp. You can, it is a plain flour variation of the Popular North Indian Laccha Paratha. That is prepared with wheat.

18. Karimeen Pollichathu | Meen Pollichathu | Kerala Style Fish Poliichthu

This famous Non-Vegetarian Kerala dish is for all Fish Lovers. Meen Pollichathu is the Traditional food of Kerla. This is consumed as Starter. Generally, Karimeen fish (Pearl Spot) is used for the dish. You can find it with Mackeral or Pomfret also.

Special masala is prepared and Fish gets coated with that. It is shallow fried, and then it is wrapped with banana leaves. After wrapping, it is cooked in medium flame on both sides. Vegetarians can use paneer instead of Fish.

Banana leaves give amazing flavour to this fish dish and make it a Unique recipe of Kerala.

19. Fish Molley | Fish Molee| Kerala Style Fish Molee

Fish Molley is a Kerala Style fish curry dish. One more popular curry dish from the Cuisine of Kerala. This yellowish curry fish dish is made with coconut gravy. This spicy dish tastes More delicious with appam, rice, or Flat Bread. Karimeen fish or any other fleshy fish can be used. Usage of Fresh fish makes it yummier. One of the traditional Kerala dishes.

20. Sadya or Sadhya- Kerala Feast

When it comes to special dishes from Kerala. One of those is Sadya. It is a special dish for every Keralan. This is a traditional food of Kerala. It is a Feast that includes a variety of vegetarian dishes served on banana leaves. Saday is Feast popular during special occasions like weddings, Onam and Celebrations. In general, this vegetarian feast includes 24-28 dishes but can go up to 64 and more items. This traditional feast is eaten traditionally, and people sat on the ground and enjoy food without cutlery.


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