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This article covers 17 Famous Food of Haryana. Haryana Cuisine has Many healthy & delicious delights.

Most of the food in Haryana includes Vegetarian dishes. Below is a Detail list of food in Haryana.

Haryana is Known as the Land of Rotis. Roti is an Indian flatbread. Locals love to make Fresh Ghee, Butter, and Buttermilk in their homes.

Roti made of Bajra, wheat, gram flour are very common in Haryana. Like Punjab, Lassi is another popular local drink of the State.

The traditional food of Haryana is rice with leafy vegetables & dairy products.

Haryana’s cuisine shared common dishes with Punjab and Rajasthan.

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List of Famous Foods of Haryana

1. Bajra Aloo Roti

Delicious Bajara Aloo Roti is one of the best recipes for winter. It is the staple food of Haryana. Very Common in every household in Haryana. Prepare with Bajara flour, potatoes, ginger garlic paste, coriander leaves, and Garam masala.

Bajara roti is not only famous in Haryana but the entire nation. Apply some butter, and you can enjoy it with curd, pickles, and sabzi.

2. Bajara Khichri

Khichari (Khichadi ) is our national dish made with rice. But in Haryana instead of rice, Bajara is also used for Khichadi.

This nutritious dish is Popular during winter. It is a staple food of Haryana. Overnight Soaked, Bajara is cooked with moong dal and other herbs in a single pot.

Bajara is actually a pearl millet. This delicious food is served hot with Ghee. It is a very simple dish and easy to digest.

3. Bathua Raita

Bathua (Chenopodium album) is a green leafy vegetable plant. It is also known as the lamb quarters, the goosefoot, the pigweed, and the fat hound. It has antioxidant properties and is rich in vitamins.

Prepared with cumin powder, red chillies, and yoghurt salt. It’s one of the authentic local food of Haryana.

4. Besan Masala Roti

One of the Healthiest & delicious food from Haryana Cuisine. Besan ki Masala Roti is another main staple of Haryana. Besan is a Gram flour and Roti is Indian flatbread.

Flat Bread is made with Gram flour, ghee, Wheat flour & masala, including cumin powder, dry mango powder, cumin powder, red chili powder, green chili paste & salt.

It is eaten hot for lunch, dinner, and breakfast as convenient with sabzi, raita, pickle, or curd.

5. Dahi Vada

Dahi vada is a very popular dish in North India. Dahi means Yogurt or Curd and Vada means Deep-fried fritters.

This dish is made with Vadas & Yogurt. Vadas are made with urad dal. The fried Vadas are deep in the yogurt for some time with some spices.

This fluffy and Soft dish is served with chutneys. It’s a dessert. Dahi Vada is always giving you a better taste when it is eaten cold. In the North, it is a Special dish on many occasions. Food is Mostly consumed in summer.

6. Gaajar- Methi ki Sabji

A unique, delicious and tasty dish from Haryana Cuisine. Extremely healthy & delectable dish. This Spicy dish is Very famous in the State. Dish made with Gajar and Methi.

Both vegetables are Tossed with Spices with little sugar. This Little sweet dish is quite awesome. It is a must-try food in Haryana.

It is served hot with Indian flatbread or Rice. This recipe is good for health-conscious people.

7. Hara Dhania Cholia

Another tasty & healthy food from Haryana is Hara dhania Choliya. Choliya is green Channa. Green Channa is always highly nutritious.

This dish is excellent for health. It is one of the authentic food and is Famous in every household. The dish is very simple & easy to Cook. Green Channa is cooked with onions and vegetables like carrots, with pickled spices. It’s sabzi & eaten with roti or rice.

8. Kachri Chutney

Kachri is a Special fruit found in Haryana and Rajasthan Region. Kachri is another form of cucumber found in wild areas. It looks like melons from the outside.

Due to the sour or tangy nature of this fruit, widely used as chutney in local regions. Kachri chutney is very common in every household in Haryana. Made with garlic, onions, and other Indian spices.

9. Kachri Sabzi

Kachri is also used as a sabbath. Split & cooked with a few spices, just like another Indian sabzi. If you just want to taste the distinctive flavor of kachri. You’ve got to try this recipe.

10. Kadhi Pakoda

Indian Kadhi is quite popular all over the world. Kadhi is Gravy prepared with Yogurt, Gram Flour, and other Indian Spices. Kadhi is Popular food of north Indian cuisine.

In Haryana, people also love Kadhi dishes. In the Haryana version of the Kadhi dish, people add fried Pakoda to the kadhi. Pakoda is deep-fried fritters made with gram flour. Tangy curry with pakoda gives an entirely new experience of Kadhi dish.

11. Rajma Chawal

Rajam Chawal is a synonym for the North of India. Red kidney beans are boiled or soaked overnight and then used to make a spicy mixture of gravy.

Rajma is high in protein and is very good for your health. This is a sabzi. Awesome blend of Rajma and rice. An authentic Indian taste.

12. Kair Sangri ki Sabzi/ Sangri ki sabji

Kair Sangri or Sangri is the famous traditional Food of Haryana. This spicy food is made of Kair and Sangri. Kair and Sangri are found in Rajasthan and Haryana Region.

Kair is a very Small ball size fruit, while Sangri is a kind of bean. People store Dried Kair and Sangri. Whenever they want to make a recipe,

This dried food is soaked in water or buttermilk overnight. For a tangy and sour taste, dried mango powder, yoghurt, and berry are used. This is the authentic food of Haryana. Eaten with Rice or Roti.

13. Mixed Dal

As you know, Haryana has an abundance of agricultural products. Dal ( lentils) is one of them. Dal is the famous food of Haryana. Mixed dal is one of the most popular dishes here.

It’s a daily meal in every household in the state. A combination of Rice & mixed dal is very famous. The mixed dal Recipe contains a mix of Chana dal, Toor dal, Masoor dal, and Moong dal with spices and ghee. This is very delectable healthy food.

14. Alsi Pinni

Alsi Pinni is a Popular sweet dish from Haryana. It is a traditional food of Haryana. Mostly Consumed in winter. Alsi is flex seed or linseed. It is mixed with wheat flour, ghee, sugar & dry fruits.

A Ball-shaped sweet dish is prepared. It can store & consume throughout the season. Flex seed is a good source of omega-3, fatty acids, and dietary fibres.

15. Malpua

One of the most famous Indian dishes. It’s the Indian version of a pancake. Fluffy, made with flour and ghee.

This is served hot. Somewhere you’ll find it served with rabri, (a condensed milk-based sweet dish) too. This sweet food of Haryana is quite popular in North India.

16. Mithe Chawal

Mithe Chawal means Sweet Rice. Mithe Chawal is Popular in many states of the county, like “Kanika” in Orissa. For the Recipe of Mithe Chawal Basmati rice Is always preferred.

Basmati Rice Gives a royal feel to this authentic dish. Basmati rice with ghee, and sugar, along with some cardamom and saffron gives a heavenly taste to your taste buds.

17. Bhura Roti

Bhura roti is sweet Roti from Haryana Cuisine. This Yummy sweet Roti is very popular among Children. You should treat it as a dessert. Made of powdered sugar, ghee, and leftover Rotis.

Sugar and Ghee are applied to the flatbread. Both melt on Roti & give a heavenly taste. After a meal, Haryanvi loves this dish. It’s very delicious & Mouthwatering.

FAQ-Haryana Food

1. Is there any international chef from Haryana?

A. Yes, the Famous chef of India Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor is from Haryana.

2. What is the Famous street food of Gurgaon, Haryana?

A. famous street of Gurgaon is -1. Chhole Bhature 2. Chole kulche3. Pav Bhaji4. Pakora or Bhajia5. Dosa6. Kathi Rolls7. Bhelpuri 8. Soya chap9. Momos10. Tikki with chhole

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