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About Jharkhand Food –

Similar to Bihar, Litti Chokha is also a famous food of Jharkhand. The Jharkhand cuisine has very much similarity to Bihari cuisine because earlier it was part of Bihar state only.

Chicken and Mutton dishes are also quite popular in the state.

The staple food of Jharkhand is Rice, lentils, vegetables, and Pickles.

Most of the Jharkhand population lives in the countryside. therefore You will find that most of the foods are very easy and rustic. Jharkhand Foods are very simple but extremely delicious.

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List of 10 Famous food of Jharkhand

1. Litti Chokha

Similar to Bihar, Litti Chokha is a famous food of Jharkhand. Litti is Oval Shaped Stuffed food Made with Flour & Stuffing is prepared with Gram Flour with Spices. Chokha is Messed Roasted Baigan with Alu & spices. It is generally Consumed Hot. People enjoy this dish in groups in Winter Season. Extremely delicious & healthy food.

2. Pitha

Pitha is a popular food in the country, there are various versions are available. Pitha Is popular in Bihar, Bangladesh, West Bengal, and Odisha too. It is eaten as Snacks or As a sweet dish. Pitha is Prepared with Rice or wheat flour Dough filled with various ingredients. In the case of Sweets, Mitha filling is prepared with jaggery, Sugar, date, etc.

3. Handia

it is the Traditional food of Jharkhand, Handia Is the local beer of Jharkhand. This Beer is very popular in neighbouring State Like Odisha, Bihar, and Chhattisgarh Too. Handia is made of Rice. Rice beer prepared with Ranu tablet. That helps with the fermentation of rice. After a week, the dish is ready to eat. Served cool.

4. Rugra

Rugra is a Special kind of Mushroom that is found in Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha area. It is seasonal food. Usually appear during the start of the rainy season. This is a very healthy dish rich with high calory, Protein & Minerals. This thick Gravy dish is prepared with onions, Garlic & Other Spices.

5. Chilka Roti

Rice is Important food in Jharkhand. Chilka roti is a rice-based dish. Rice & Channa dal is used for this. It is a very simple & healthy dish. Rice & chanal Dal is soaked overnight. The next day batter is prepared to make this Roti. Served with chutney or vegetables AS a breakfast.

6. Malpua

Malpua is a famous sweet dish from Jharkhand cuisine. This dish is also popular in Bihar, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh. Very famous food in every household. Especially during Holi Malpua is mandatory in every home. Malpua Very simple and delicious dish. It is a desi pancake made with wheat flour, Milk, khoya & Fruits. It is served hot. If you want to delight in this dish, have it with Rabri.

7. Bamboo Shoots

Like in northeast food culture, bamboo Shoots are also very popular in Jharkhand cuisine. Very simple & easy dish is prepared with bamboo shoots. Extremely Healthy & tasty vegetables are made of this vegetable.

8. Thekua

Thekua is another sweet dish from Jharkhand, a delicacy. This food is quite popular during Chatta Pooja. It is a traditional food that had been served as Prasad during this festival. The same dish is used all over India at the festival. This holy dish is made of wheat flour, Ghee, Sugar, or Jaggary. It is also known as Khajur in Bihar. it is a sweet, crispy & Crunchy dish.

9. Dhuska

It is another Most famous food of Jharkhand. It is a popular snack in the state. Dhuska is famous for Breakfast. This dish is prepared with Rice and Lentils (Chana Dal). A Thick better is prepared with both & deep Fried later on. It is a quick & easy recipe. But very delicious food. It is also a very popular street food in Jharkhand. It is served with Potato vegetables or Tomato Chutney.

10. Sattu

Sattu is the popular food of Jharkhand & Bihar. It is Good for your Health. Sattu is the flour of Roasted chickpea. It is used in almost every household & popular among all age groups. Many dishes are prepared with Sattu, Sattu Paratha, Sattu Drink, Sattu & Milk Porridge, Sattu Bharta, etc. This food is a rich source of protein & It can be considered a Superfood.

Famous food of Jharkhand

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