Top 20 Vegan Food Brands in India- 2023

Introduction to Vegan Food Brands

In India Vegan food Brands are providing Many kinds of products like Mock Meat, Vegan eggs, Vegan Fish, Vegan milk, Vegan Sweets and Vegan Curd. Vegan foods are also known as Plant-based food.

Vegan foods are available in Ready-to-Eat ( RTE) and Ready-to-Cook (RTC) options. This food is Mostly Prepared with Soya. Veggie Champ, Vegeta Gold, SoftSpot Urban Platter & Many other Vegan food Brands are Available in the Indian Market.

Many celebrities in India from Bollywood and Cricket are nowadays promoting their vegan diets. Veganism is Growing in the world. Animal lovers are strongly supporting this food habit across the globe.

Every day Many players are entering this plant-based food Business to capture the growth of this market. Vegan Products consumption is still in a nascent stage in the Country. Expert says there is huge potential in this business and believe around 63% of Indians will switch to plant-based meat products in the future.

What is the Type of Vegan food brands in India?

We have listed Vegan food Brands in the following categories-

  1. Mock Meat Brands in India
  2. Vegan Eggs Brands in India
  3. Vegan Milk Brand in India
  4. Vegan cheese Brands in India
  5. Vegan ice cream Brands in India

A. Mock Meat Brands In India

1. Veggie Champ

It is Ahimsa food that manufactures Vegan food under the brand name Veggie Champ. It is one of the pioneer Vegan food Brands of India in the category of Vegan Meat. The Brand makes High-quality Mock Meat in India. The company was founded in 2008. The product List of this Vegan Brand includes-

  • Veggie Sausages
  • Veggie Salami
  • Veggie Hot dog,
  • Veggie Kebab,
  • Veggie Burger,
  • Veggie Fish
  • Veggie Chicken

Company Name: Ahimsa Food
Director: Yasmin Ahmed Jadwani
Product: Mock Meat Providers / Plant-Based Meat

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2. Vegeta Gold

Vegeta Gold, Mother Company name is Biotrack foods, Pvt Ltd. It is established in 2015 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Which makes Vegan Products under the brand name Vegetgold.

They make healthy and tasty 100% Vegan Products. They produce high-quality Nutritious Soya and mushrooms. The product range includes Soya Burger, Soya sausages

Company Name: Biotrack foods Pvt Ltd.
Director: Vasanthakumari Neela and Polachi Raja.
Products: Plant-Based Meat / Mock Meat+ others

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3. Good Dot

Good Dot is a food tech Startup In the category of Plant-based Meat products. The brand is Founded by Mr Abhishek Sinha in Udaipur, Rajasthan in 2016.

The company is committed to delivering high-quality Mock meat products in the market their mission is not only to provide healthier food options, but also a cruelty-free environment. Good dot having a Both kind of Product Ready to Eat “RTE” & Ready to Cook “RTC”. You can buy from their online store.

Good Dot includes a range of products as follows-

  • Unmutton Keema
  • Eggless Bhurji
  • Vegicken Curry Kit
  • Vegetarian Bytz

4. GoodDot Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Products: Plant-based RTE/RTC products
Good Dot is a food tech Startup In the category of Plant-based Meat products. Founded by Mr Abhishek Sinha in Udaipur, Rajasthan in 2016. The company is committed to delivering high-quality Mock meat products in the Market Their mission is not only to provide healthier food options but also a cruelty-free environment. Good dot having a Both kind of Product Ready to Eat “RTE” & Ready to Cook “RTC”. You can buy from their online store. Good Dot includes range of Products as follows-

  • Unmutton Keema
  • Eggless Bhurji
  • Vegicken Curry Kit
  • Vegetarian Bytz

GoodDot Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Products: Plant-based RTE/RTC products

5. Mister Veg

Another name in the list of vegan food brands in India. Mister Veg is a startup for Mock Meat products. The company is incubated by Pro Incubator. The pro incubator is the world’s first incubator for plant-based food startups. Rupinder Singh and Samarjeet Singh founded Mister Veg in Haryana in the year 2018

Mister Veg was founded with the vision to provide Cruelty-free and nutritious Plant-based Products in the market. They have Plant-based meat and Plant-based Fish in their Product range. You will find Pomfret and salmon Vegan Fish in their List. Ready-to-eat vegan product is also available from the company.

Mister Veg Foods Pvt Ltd.
Products: Plant-Based meat /mock meat & Meat Products -RTE & More

6. Greenest foods

Greenest is a brand for a plant-based product by Up establish food technologies. It has India’s first hyper-realistic plant-based meats. Greenest includes a high-quality mock meat product range with the vision of replacing animals with plants. Their Products are Plant-based Keema and Plant-Based Shami Kebab. It is founded in 2017 by Gaurav Sharma, Kannan Krishnamoorthy, and Dinesh Jain in Delhi.

Greenest foods
Products: Plant-Based keema/ Plant-Based meat/ Mock Meat

B. Vegan Eggs Brands in India

1. Evo Foods

If you are looking for vegan food brands in India for Plant-based eggs. This Brand will help you out hereThis Mumbai-based company was founded by Kartik Dixit and Shradhha Bhansali in 2019. The company makes liquid eggs from legumes. These Vegetable protein source products are made with the vision of a Planet-friendly, Animal friendly, Vegan friendly, and Non-vegetarian friendly food market.

Products: Plant-Based egg

2. Vezlay

Vezelay is Delhi based company and a leading supplier of Soya products. The company is providing nutritious, healthy, and delicious Vegetarian food products Based on Soya. The product range of the company includes Soya Noodles, Veg meat / Mock Meat, Soya Lollipop, Veg Mutton, Veg Egg, etc. It has a wide range of ready-to-cook products. The company is founded in 2011 by Amit Bajaj in Delhi.

Vezlay Foods Pvt. Ltd
Products: Soya Food On Non-Veg Texture (Mock Meat Products/ Plant-Based meat )

3. Plant Made

In the list of growing vegan companies in India. One more name is “plant made” which provides Plant-based Products in the Country. The company manufactures Liquid Eggs (Vegan eggs) that are great for Bhurji, Wraps, and fried rice. The company Also Provide Vegan Anda powder, Vegan Beverages like chocolate Milk, High protein spread, etc.

Plant made
Products – Cashew Butter, Peanut Butter, Plant-Based egg

C. Vegan Milk Brands In India

1. Good Mylk (Veganarke)

This Vegan food Brand has a Solution for your Vegan Milk Requirement. Founded by 19-year-Old Guy Abhay Ranjan in 2016 in Bengaluru. Good Mylk provides Plant-based Healthy milk. The company is using Almond, Soya, Coconut, Quinoa, And other Options for Making Milk. The brand has been providing Milk, curd, Butter, Paneer, Cheese, etc. The company believes the future of Vegan milk is very bright and it is not only a Good Source of Nutrients but also animal friendly.

Veganarke Enteprises Pvt Ltd
Products: Plant-Based Milk & Milk products i.e. Curd, Ice cream, butter, etc.

2. Strive

This Vegan food Brand is for Shake Lovers. Strive manufactures dairy-free Nuritions Shake. Indias is one of the vegan brands that deliver Plant-based Shakes to nourish your body. A brand is founded by Biotech graduate “ Arthi Deiva” in the year 2019 in Bengaluru with the motto of clean eating and active living.

Products – Plant Based shake products

3. Life Health Foods

Life health foods is a Vegan food brand in the category of health beverage segment. The company Makes Plant-based milk in the brand name “So Good “. They have So Good Almond Milk, So Good Soy Milk, So Good Protein. The company is established in 2003 in Mumbai with the Vision of care-Courage-humility -integrity – Passion.

Life Health Foods India Pvt. Ltd
Products- Plant-Based Milk

D. Vegan cheese Brands In India

1. Soft Spot

The soft spot is one of the vegan food brands in India that Provide Vegan Cheese in the Indian market. Established in 2018 in Mumbai by Anushi Patel. The company has started its journey with the vision of a dairy-free product range. This Vegan Company is providing Cheese spread, mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan, Nagin Cheese, Smoked Cheese, etc. The brand is Supplying its Products in more than 12 cities in India.
Products: Vegan Cheese


Live Yum is a Banglore-based Company Founded by Taavya Ravi. The Company Is founded to Make Plant-based eating products in the food market. The company has dairy-free products Like Vegan Cheese, Mozzarella, Cheese Spread, Cheddar cheese shreds, etc.

Products: Vegan Cheese & Vegan Ghee

E. Vegan Ice cream Brands In India

1. Papa Cream

Papa Cream is a Mumbai-based icecream making Company. The company makes vegan ice cream and Sorbet in its Product range. The product of the Company is available in 7 cities of the Country.

Products- Vegan Ice-Cream
Retail Store- Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Guru gram, Coimbatore

2. White cub

White Cub provides delicious dairy-free and Gluten-free ice cream in the Indian market. White Cub is the Brand name of Compassionate Choices Pvt Ltd.. white cub has a range of vegan frozen desserts. White cub is a Gurugram-based Company founded in 2013 and currently provides its product in more than 25 locations in Delhi NCR. The product is available in other metro cities too.

3. Urban Platter

The urban platter is a Mumbai-based Company Founded by Chirag and Dhawal Kenia in 2015. Brands Provide a wide range of Plant-based Products including milk, cheese, and Mock Meat. it has operation centres in Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore, and Kolkata.

4. Wakao Foods

Company Wakao foods are goa based vegan startup. Founder and CEO of Wakao is Mr. Sairaj Dhond .
Wakao foods are the first Indian company that uses Jackfruit to make its products. The brand is currently making Mock Meat-based products i.e Burgers, BBQ jack, Butter jack, etc.

5. Imagine Meats

This Vegan startup is launched in the year July 2020. This brand is owned by Bollywood stars Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh. They have partnered with American companies ADM and Good Foods to launch this product in India.
Imaging Meats is Currently serving Plant-Based Biryani, Kebab, and Nuggets in RTE format.

6. Eat With Better

The brand is launched by Karan and Keertida with the philosophy of “Food that is better for you, and better for the planet”. The company has been providing Jackfruit based food products in the Market. jackfruit Malabar curry, Jack fruit Vindaloo Stir fry, and Jackfruit Malaikari are some of its products.

7. Jus Amazin

Jus Amazin is the brand launched by Mr Jatin Munjal. Products are Dairy-Free, Soy-free, and Gluten-free. It is 100% Plant-based Products.

8. Katharos

Katharos is Mumbai Based Vegan Company. Kathros foods is Started By Jasmin Bharucha in 2019.
Its Product range Includes Chemical Free Vegan cheese. Brand Provides pizza Cheese, Cheese Spread, Herbed cheese, and spiced cheese. The meaning of Katharos is ” Pure”.

What is Vegan food?

A vegan diet is a popular diet trend in recent days worldwide. A vegan diet is a more strict diet as compared to a Veg. As you know vegans & vegetarians both avoid eating meat.

Benefits of Vegan food –

  • It is 100% Vegetarian
  • Vegan foods are is Healthy & Nutritious
  • Vegan Foods are less in Fat
  • You can enjoy meat without harming animals.
  • Food is Cholesterol free.
  • Vegan Meat is a nutritious meal with carbohydrates, protein, good fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • It Creates a Cruelty-Free environment

The interesting thing is that the Vegan diet has excluded various food based on animal cruelty. To fill this gap, many companies have come up with such food item that gives the same look and taste as the original food. But all this food is prepared with plants only. this food item is known as Plants-based Products or Plant-Based Food. Plant-based products are available for the Following items like

Vegan products are available in India. But currently, its market is in a growing stage. There are many Indian Vegan Food Brands. Vegan sweets, Cakes, pastries, Milk, Meat all Kind of Food is Available. Vegan Brands are supplying raw food as well as ready-to-eat food (RTE). Many vegan food producers & suppliers in the country supply the products by leading an e-commerce Portal. Vegan products Based Website is also running in the market.

You can find your choice of products on their web portals and other e-commerce portals as per their availability.


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Disclaimer: All the details are only for information purposes. Before buying anything, consumer discretion is required.

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