Frozen Indian Food Brands in the USA

Discover the world of frozen Indian food brands in the USA. These brands provide convenient and delicious options for those seeking the flavours of Indian cuisine without the need for extensive preparation.

Let’s explore some of these amazing brands for indian food together.

List of Brands for Frozen Indian Food in the USA

Sometimes it’s hard to cook fancy Indian meals from scratch because it takes time and can be inconvenient. But don’t worry! Frozen Indian food is here to help!

In the USA, there are many food brands that make frozen Indian meals that are easy to prepare and taste great.

Tasty Bite:
Tasty Bite is a well-known brand that offers a wide range of frozen Indian meals. Their products are made from high-quality ingredients and feature traditional Indian recipes. Whether you’re craving a spicy Chana Masala, creamy Paneer Tikka Masala, or flavorful Vegetable Biryani, Tasty Bite has you covered. With their ready-to-eat meals, you can enjoy a taste of India in just a matter of minutes.

Deep Indian Kitchen:
Deep Indian Kitchen brings the authentic flavors of India to the American market through its frozen food offerings. Their range includes a variety of frozen meals, snacks, and breads. From delectable Butter Chicken and fragrant Chicken Tikka Masala to hearty Saag Paneer and crispy Samosas, Deep Indian Kitchen offers a delightful selection of frozen treats that capture the essence of Indian cuisine.

Saffron Road:
Saffron Road is committed to bringing high-quality, sustainable, and Halal-certified products to the market. Their frozen Indian meals are no exception. With dishes like Lamb Saag, Chicken Biryani, and Vegetable Korma, Saffron Road ensures that each bite is packed with authentic flavors. They also prioritize using clean ingredients, making their products a healthier frozen food option.

Kawan is renowned for its range of frozen Indian bread, particularly its flaky and delicious parathas. Parathas are a staple in Indian cuisine and are enjoyed with various curries, chutneys, or as a standalone snack.

Indian brands that provide frozen food options in the USA:

Here is the list of popular local food brands in India that are also available in the USA market. You can find them in popular retail chain stores or grocery e-commerce platforms.

MTR Foods:
MTR Foods is a renowned Indian brand that offers a wide range of frozen food products. They specialize in ready-to-eat meals, including popular dishes like Pav Bhaji, Poha, and Upma. MTR Foods focuses on preserving the authentic flavors of Indian cuisine, making it a trusted choice for frozen Indian meals.

Haldiram’s is a household name in India, and its frozen food range has gained popularity in the USA as well. They offer a diverse selection of frozen snacks, such as Samosas, Pakoras, and Aloo Tikki, which can be easily prepared at home. Haldiram’s frozen foods are known for their exceptional taste and quality.

Ashoka is another prominent Indian brand that specializes in frozen Indian food. They provide a wide array of frozen vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, including curries, biryanis, and side dishes. Ashoka’s frozen meals are known for their authentic flavors and are a convenient choice for those craving Indian cuisine.

Gits is a popular Indian brand that offers a range of frozen food products, including ready-to-eat meals and instant mixes. Their frozen meals cover a wide variety of dishes, such as Butter Chicken, Paneer Tikka, and Chole Masala. Gits is known for its quality and taste, making it a trusted choice for frozen Indian food.

Parampara is known for its frozen food mixes that enable consumers to prepare authentic Indian dishes with ease. Their frozen mixes include spice blends and ready-to-cook gravies, allowing you to recreate traditional Indian flavours in your own kitchen. Parampara’s frozen food options are a convenient solution for those who enjoy cooking from scratch.

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