Ready-to-Eat Food Market in India

India’s Ready-to-Eat (RTE) food market has witnessed significant growth in recent years. As lifestyles become busier and consumers seek convenient meal options, the demand for ready-to-eat meals has surged.

Let’s delve into the key aspects of this dynamic market.

Market Size and Projections for Ready-to-Eat Food Market in India:

a. Market size: Projected to reach $1.23 billion in 2024, growing at a 15.51% CAGR to $2.19 billion by 2028.
b. User base: Expected to reach 81.0 million users by 2028, up from 3.9% user penetration in 2024 to 5.5% in 2028.
c. Average revenue per user (ARPU): Estimated at $22.36 in 2024.

Growth of Ready-to-Eat Food Market in India is fueled by –

Urbanization: With more people living in fast-paced cities, convenience becomes paramount. RTE options cater to this need, offering quick and easy meals.
Busy Lifestyles: Working professionals and families often have limited time for cooking, making RTE a convenient and time-saving solution.
Rising Disposable Incomes: As disposable incomes increase, consumers are willing to spend more on convenient food options.
Changing Dietary Preferences: Consumers are increasingly health-conscious and looking for healthier RTE options.

Challenges and Opportunities for Ready-to-Eat Food Market in India:

Quality and Nutrition: Maintaining high quality and nutritional standards is crucial for sustained growth.
Competition: The RTE food market is competitive, with both domestic and international players vying for market share.
Innovation: Brands that innovate and offer diverse, flavorful options are likely to thrive.

Ready-to-Eat Food Market in India: Consumer Behavior and Trends –

Health-Conscious Choices: Consumers seek healthier RTE options, leading to the rise of organic and low-calorie variants.
Snacking Culture: RTE snacks are popular for on-the-go consumption.
Regional Variations: Different regions in India have unique preferences, that influence product offerings.

Key Players in the Market-

Several companies including Indian & international companies are dominating the RTE food market in India.

  • MTR Foods
  • ITC Limited
  • Nestlé India
  • Haldiram’s
  • McCain Foods


The RTE food market in India is poised for remarkable growth. As consumers prioritize convenience and variety, the industry will evolve to meet their demands. Whether it’s a quick lunch at the office or a midnight snack, RTE foods are here to stay.

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