Famous Food of Meghalaya | Top 14 Meghalaya Food

Here we have explored the famous food of Meghalaya. Foods are deeply rooted in local culture & Tradition. Meghalaya’s food list includes many dishes based on rice, pork, bamboo shoots, and fish.

The unique style of Cooking makes the Meghalaya food distinct & amazing.

Must Try the Famous Food of Meghalaya

Here is the Famous food of Meghalaya. Dishes are very simple and easy to cook. Listed below are 14 delicious must-try food of the state.

1. Dohneiiongq

Pork Meat is really liked in Meghalaya. Doheneiijong is a dish made from pork and black sesame. This traditional food is quite famous within a Khasi Community.

This black Sesame based pork dish is a Special food of Meghalaya. In this recipe, Pork is Prepared with Mustard oil, Ginger garlic paste, onion, and Other Indian spices. Fresh pork meat is sautéed in Mustard oil and with other ingredients. The flavour of Mustard oil makes this dish more aromatic.

At the preparation near completion, powder of roasted black sesame is added to the sautéed dish and cooked for an additional duration. This Meghalaya delicacy is served along with hot steamed rice.

2. Do’o Kappa

Do’o Kappa is a chicken-based non-vegetarian dish. This is a famous recipe of the Garo community. This community is very fond of Non- vegetarian food.

Chicken is prepared with onion and other spices. The most important thing is the use of Soda in this dish. Cream and onion leaves are used for garnishing. Water is also to make it a little soupy.

It can be eaten dry with rice or as soup also. This delicious Meghalaya food is also popular as Garo style “Chili chicken”. You can find another variation of this food named “Pork Kappa”. That Garo-style Pork food.

3. Pudoh

Meghalayan people love pork dishes. Pudoh is another pork food based on pork meat. It is prepared with a special kind of Rice Pudoh. Pork is steamed and cooked with this special dust rice. In this style of cooking, powdered rice infuses inside the Meat.

This makes it more delectable. Steaming pork with powdered rice makes this more unique. This food is very popular at weddings and other social events.

4. Doh Khileh

Doh Khiles is a salad. It is healthy & Delicious food. This Salad is made out of minced pork, Onions & chillies. Khasi community food. Boiled pork pieces are used with vegetables. You can find a variety of a dish in various locations.

5. Tungrymbai

This Delicious Meal is Prepared with Soybeans. Fermented Soybeans are used with boiled & chopped Pork. This Main Ingredient is cooked with Black Sesame & Other spices like ginger, onion &, etc.

This simple & very popular meal is common in the food habit of the people of Meghalaya. Food is eaten with the local rice cake dish “Putharo.

6. Jadoh

Most Popular food from Meghalaya. Especially popular among the Khasi community. Jadoh is Made with Rice & Pork. The mix is prepared with Other spices. Must have a delicay for pork Lovers.

7. Pumaloi

Pumaloi is a Special Kind of Rice found in Meghalaya. It is used in powdered form. Very popular among the Khasi community. Powdered Rice is steamed in a special kind of Pot Called Khiew Ranei. Cooked on medium heat with water. This delicious is popular during celebrations and festivals.

8. Bamboo Shoots

bamboo shoots are a famous food of Meghalaya. Buts, this food is cooked with Pork chunks. You will find many styles of this dish. Very popular among the Khasi community. Bamboo shoot is also cooked with chicken or fish too. Marinated Pork is cooked in brown colour with some veggies. After with some spices & bamboo shoots cook a little more.

9. Momos

As you know, momos are one of the popular food in India. But You can not ignore the Meghalaya Momos. You will find unique & distinct tastes in Meghalaya Momos. It is a Popular street in Meghalaya.

10. Minil Songa

This Meghalaya food belongs to the Garo tribe. This delicacy is rice with starch Content. Minil rice is used to prepare this high-calorie Meal. Rice is Sticky in nature when it is cooked with fresh bamboo. It gives the rice a nutty flavour.

11. Pukhlein

Puklein is the Traditional Bread of Meghalaya. This Home-Made Snack is very famous in the state. This deep-fried snack is sweet. Made with rice flour, Pukhlein is a very easy & simple recipe. It is prepared with Rice flour and Jaggery. Rice flour is added to Liquid,

Jaggery, and dough are prepared. Later on, flat shape bread is made with dough and deep-fried. You can compare this food with Gulgule popular food in North Indian.

That is also made of rice and Jaggery but in a round ball shape. Pukhlein is Mostly eaten in Moring or Evening time with Tea. And it is the perfect snack for guests or when you travel.

12. Sakin Gata

Sakin Gata is a White Rice cake from the Meghalaya Cuisine. This famous food of Meghalaya is very Important in festivals like Wangala and other events & celebrations in the State. Wangala is a festival celebrated by them in October.

The sweet delicacy of Meghalaya is Prepared with Sticky white rice. Sticky rice is very good for your health. This sticky rice is soaked in water overnight and mixed with sugar.

Mix then roast with sesame seeds and arrange in banana leaves. For the final cooking of this, a special Pot is required, and it is steamed cooked. People also enjoy this food with tea.

13. Kyat

Kyat is a traditional rice beer of the Meghalaya Region. You can find kyat in every bar and restaurant. Kyat is part of every celebration and hospitality. Made with fermented rice. Kyat is essential in the life of Meghalaya. Every state has its special drink for social events.

Kyat is the drink for Meghalaya. If you can get this drink everywhere in Meghalaya but Shilong is one of the best places to enjoy this tasty rice beer.

This Locally brewed rice beer is very commonly offered in the household as the hospitality of guests. Many tourists enjoy this drink when they visit Meghalaya.

14. Putharo

Putharo is a Popular rice cake of Meghalaya. It is a classic traditional dish of Meghalaya cuisine.

This popular rice cake is served with famous Non-vegetarian dishes of the State like Doh-nei-iong (pork with black sesame seeds) or Doh-jem (again pork with softer intestines) or tyrungbai (fermented soya bean paste).

It is also eaten as a snack at breakfast or tea time. Putharo is made with rice and jaggery with coconut. This No-oil vegan recipe is very common in every household in Meghalaya. It belongs to the Khasi community.

The state has different communities like Khasi, Garo & Jaintia. Each community has a different choice of food. Meghalaya Cuisine has an amazing list of dishes from these communities. One of these communities is “Garo”. This community loves pork, and bamboo shoots.

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