Famous Food of Manipur | Top 15 Manipur Food

Brief about Manipur Food

In Manipur food, most of the dishes are either boiled or steamed. Dishes are very simple. Fishes are very popular in the state. they are the staple food of the State. Fermented fish has a special place in Manipur cuisine.

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A quick guide about Famous Food of Manipur?

We have listed below 15 delectable dishes of Manipur food.

1. Singju

A special salad made with Singju vegetable leaf from Manipur. Salad is good for health-conscious foodies. This Manipur food is made with cabbage, coriander leaves, onions, and ginger. Lotus stem, Singju leaf & more vegetables. You can find papaya, banana flower, chilli powder & other herbs, etc. in this salad. It is one of the healthy food from Manipur.

2. Chak-hao

Chak-hao Famous sweet dish of Manipur during the festival. It is a kheer Made with Black Rice, Milk & cardamom. This delicious dish gets a topping of raising, almonds, and other dry fruits.

3. Chamthong or Kangshoi

Chamthong is a popular dish from Manipur. This exotic Stew dish is made with Seasonal vegetables & spices. Popular in the household, the dish is served hot with rice.

4. Morok Metpa

Morok Metpa is a popular chutney from Manipur cuisine. Important to notice that this chutney is prepared with Nagri Fish & green dried chilli. This chutney is served with all kinds of meals. It is the most famous food in Manipur.

5. Eromba

This Manipur food is made for fish food Lovers. The dish is generally cooked with fermented fish called “Ngari” with vegetables. Fish & Vegetables are mixed & it looks like a paste. Food is served after garnished with coriander leave and Maroi.

6. Paknam / Paaknam

Paaknam is a tasty snack from Manipur cuisine. It is like a pancake. Food is prepared with a batter of besan, herbs, chilis, vegetables & popular fermented fish of Manipur “Ngari”. Better is then wrapped with banana leaf & steam cooked. It is served with hot coffee or tea.

7. Alu Kangmet

it is a very simple side dish made with potatoes. Boiled potatoes mashed with spices and mustard oil. The dish is served along with rice or another main dish.

8. Nga-Thongba

It is a fish Curry dish in Manipur style. This is one of the most popular dishes of Manipur. Small pieces of fish cooked with species. This mouth-watering dish is a traditional food of Manipur.

9. Ootti Thongba/Utti Thongba

The dish is made with green peas & lentils. One of the healthiest Manipur food. It is prepared with soaked lentils with lentils & other spices. Various varieties of this food are available. Highly recommended for health-conscious people.

10. Peruk Kangsu

Peruk Kansu is one of the popular traditional food of Manipur. It is Prepared with Peruk a medicinal plant & boiled yellow mutter, boiled Potatoes & fermented fish chutney. All the food is Mashed & eaten raw. You will many variations in the dish.

11. Chagem-Pomba

Chagem pomba is a thick curry dish prepared with fermented soybean. Hawaijar (fermented Soya beans)and Chagem is used to cook this dish. This dish is popular during the festival Ushop & Firoi.

12. Champhut

Champhut is a simple & easy dish from Manipur. It is a boiled vegetable with salt or sugar. As per the vegetable, you can find variations in the name.

13. Maroi thongba

One of the famous food in Manipur during the feast. The dish is made with Maroi ( Allium) & other ingredients.

14. Sana thongba

In Manipuri cuisine, you also find the dish made with Paneer. You can say paneer dish in Manipur Style.

15. Mangal Ooti

This delicious is food is Prepared with Yelllo peas & Ushoi. Extremely healthy & easy to cook.

Locals love to eat fresh vegetables in the state. Many unique vegetables like Kolamni, Yendem, Koukhaa and Sougri are grown in this region only. Many medicinal herbs are commonly used in food. Dishes of Manipur are not only very simple but also very good for health with medical benefits. Vegetables are always rich in nutrition. Meities (Community) Cuisine represents the Manipur traditional food culture. Local people love to raise their vegetables in their gardens. Usage of aromatic herbs & roots is significant in Manipur cuisine.

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