Famous Food of Goa | 18 Goan Food

In this blog, we have listed 18 Famous food of Goa. Goan cuisine is influenced by Malabar, Konkan, Arabi and Portuguese cuisine.

Coconut is the main ingredient of Goan food. this makes Goan dishes Distinct & Delicious.

So whenever you travel to the state, Must try this popular food of Goa.

Must try the Famous food of Goa

Find here the 18 Must try Famous food of Goa.

1. Chicken Xacuti- Most famous food of Goa

Xacuti word derived from the Portuguese word “Chacuti”. Chicken Xacuti is a famous dish of Goa cuisine. This Curry-based chicken dish is very delicious.

chicken Xacuti is Made with chicken, chillies, potatoes, coconuts, and another Indian masala (Spices). It was served with rice or Goan bread. The dish is infused with Portuguese cuisine. Coconut gives amazing texture and flavour to this Goan dish.

2. Feijoada – Red Beans With Pork

Feijoada is The Traditional food of Goa derived from Portuguese cuisine. This Authentic Goan food is made of red beans and pork. In Goa cuisine, red beans or black beans are used for this dish.

Soaked Beans are cooked with Pork Sausages.

The dish is cooked along with the coconut that is added to the roasted pork & red beans. This Popular food of Goa is eaten with Goan Pao or Steamed Rice.

3. Prawns Xec Xec/Prawns Xeque Xeque

Prawns Xec Xec is One of the Most Famous dishes of Goa. It is an authentic dish of Goan Cuisine. This Gravy-based prawn dish is extremely delicious. Usage of Coconut milk makes this dish distinct and unique.
This Savory food is prepared with Prawns with coconut milk, onion, green chillies, and tomatoes. It is one of the must-Try Goan food for Every prawn lover. The traditional food of Goa.

4. Chicken Cafreal-

If we are talking, about the most famous food of Goa. The list is incomplete without Chicken Cafreal. This Green coloured mouth-watering meal is an extremely tasty dish. It is one of the special dishes of Goa. Food is inspired by Portuguese cuisine.

This food is highly recommended for every chicken lover. A special Green colour masala is prepared and chicken is soaked overnight in the masala for a better taste. Then Chicken is prepared with a variety of masala and fried with vinegar and rum. It’s spicy. This food is a coastal paradise from Goan Cuisine.

5. Fish Recheado

If you’d like to try another Portuguese-influenced recipe, go to Recheado. Recheado means stuffed up. This is Goa Special dish Used Mackerel (Bangda) fish for this recipe. this is a popular fish in Goa.

Mackerel is slit and infused with the unique masala paste “Recheado “. Then it is coated with Rava and shallow fried. It’s Tangy in taste. The food is Eaten with Goan bread and rice. It is the best food in Goa. It is also served with Rice and Goan fish curry.

6. Goan Fish Curry

This is a traditional food of Goa. A Goan fish curry must-try dish for every fish lover. It’s loaded with various spices with coconut. For the tangy flavour in the dish, mangos are used.

For this dish Pomfret, Kingfish is generally used. Get the best of its taste with Rice. you can find this Popular food in all the famous restaurants of Goa.

7. Goan Pork Vindaloo

Another famous food of Goa is inspired by the Portuguese kitchen. Vindaloo is derived from the Portuguese words Vin & Ahlo. It means Wine & Garlic.

The dish consists of pork, onions, chillies, garlic, vinegar, and other spices. Masala mixture mixed with meat and kept overnight. Vinegar is sometimes used instead of wine.

8. Goan Prawn Curry

Goan Prawn Curry is another delicacy from Goan Cuisine. This yellow dish is authentic Traditional food, Goa. Every Goan thali includes this dish. Prawn is prepared with coconut milk and selected spices.

One of the best prawn dishes from Goan Cuisine. Prepare the Masala with Spices and Dust this Mix on the Prawns. Mixed Prawns are cooked on low flame with Coconut Milk and Garnished with green chilli.

Seafood lovers must love this dish. It is Served with Hot Steamed Rice. Prawn with coconut gravy will amaze your taste buds.

9. Rava Fried Fish

Rava fry is always delicious. It is one of the authentic food of Goa. A special paste is prepared with Rava, turmeric Powder & red chilli then the Fish is marinated with the paste.

Rava makes the outer part of fish more crispy.It is served as a Starter. In Goan restaurants, It is an essential dish item in Fish Thali.

Pomfret, Mackerel, Salmon, and Kingfish are used for this dish. It is also served as a side dish with fish curry and Salad. It is special food from Goa.

10. Samarachi Kodi

Samarchi Kodi is a dried Prawn Curry dish. This is one of the famous dishes of Goa, Mostly Consumed during the Monsoon. When Fresh prawns are not easily available.

This is a unique & distinct Prawn dish from Goan food. Dry Prawns with Curry. It is made with onion, coconut, tamarind, and tomatoes. Mango is also used for a tangy taste.

Served with hot rice. I believe every prawn lover will enjoy this. You can easily enjoy this dish in any Goan restaurant.

11. Shark Ambot Tik

Ambot tik means sour and spicy. The dish uses chilli peppers, herbs, and Kokum for a tangy taste and Shark fish is cooked with masala and onions.

12. Sorak

Sorak is a Curry recipe dish from Goan Cuisine. This aromatic and Delicious Recipe is made with special Coconut Masala. Coconut Masala is mixed with coconut, garlic tomatoes, onions & chillies.
Curry is Sweet and Tangy in taste. Jaggery is added for sweetness. Kokum is used to bring sourness into the dish. This famous food is served with rice or Goan bread. It is a staple food of Goa.

13. Sorpotel

It is a Spicy Pork Dish. The dish is influenced by Portuguese cuisine. It is a very famous & Delicious Pork curry dish in Goa.

It is a hard-core Non-vegetarian dish. Pork heart, Pork Liver, and Meat are used for this recipe.
This is the most famous food of Goa from Christian families. Widely Consumed during the Christmas festival.

In this homemade Pork curry dish, Pork is cooked with Spices and Vinegar. Curry dish is eaten with Sannas, sweet bread, Goan Special Bread “Poi” or chapatis or Hot Steamed Rice.

Famous Sweet Dishes of Goa

14. Bebinca

Goan food is Incomplete without Bebinca. It is a famous sweet dish of Goa. It is available at almost every bakery store. This is similar to a cake. But this Special Goan dish has several layers.

Cooking this food required a very high level of Patient. Each layer of this delicious cake is cooked separately. Sometimes layers of this Goan Cake Go from six to fifteen layers, too.

The Goan sweet dish is prepared with coconut Milk, Eggs, Butter, and Jaggery. It is one of the must-try foods of Goa. This is also known as “bebik”. Bebinca is Very popular during Christmas.

15. Perad

Parad is another famous Sweet dish of Goa. The thick dark red sweet dish is made of guava. It is also acknowledged as Guava Cheese, too. Very popular among Christian families.

Most Important dish during the Christmas season. The celebration of Christmas begins with this Guava Cheese candy. Guava pulp Cooked with Lemon juice, sugar, and butter.

It is served as dessert. This chewy dish is extremely addictive

16. Kulkul

Kulkul is a traditional food of Goa. It is a Sweet, deep-fried dish. Kulkul is one of the important dishes during Christmas in the catholic family.

The appearance of this food is like a worm or caterpillar. That is prepared with the help of a fork or comb. Because of its shape, this dish takes time to prepare.

It is Prepared with Maida, egg, Sugar Syrup, Coconut Milk & Semolina. This famous sweet dish of Goa is Easily available at every supermarket and street vendor during the Christmas season.

17. Patolea

Patolea or Patolleo is also known as Pathayo. It is a famous sweet dish of Goa. This food is Popular Among the Hindu family of Goa. This special food of Goa is Prepared with Turmeric leaves & Goan red rice, Coconut, Goan Jaggery, and Cardamom are used as well.

Paste all ingredients wrapped in the Turmeric leaves and steam for 15-20 min. this food of goa is popular during Tulsi Pooja, Nag Panchami.

This dish is eaten cold. The flavour and aroma of turmeric make this dish special and distinct. One of the healthiest food from the Goan cuisine.

18. Sannas

Sannas is another Sweet delicacy from Goan Food. It is a sweeter variant of the idli. Very soft and fluffy in texture. This coastal food is very popular with Pork Vindaloo or Sorpotel.

Very easy and simple dish. The paste is prepared with Rice batter, yeast, and Coconut. Made similar to idli. This popular dish is Easily available in any supermarket in Goa.

This is also spelt Sannas or Sanaa. One of the best Goan dishes.

Goan food is mostly based on seafood like fish, prawns, lobster, crabs, Squid, and Mussels. Fishes like Kingfish, Pomfret, Tuna, Shark, Mackerel, and Sardines are mostly consumed in Goa.

It is the Portuguese who introduce tomatoes, potatoes, Pineapple, and cashews to Goan cuisine. Goan’s dishes are equally attractive as Goan Beaches.

The Main Ingredient of Goan Recipes are coconuts, rice, cashew, vinegar, seafood, pork, and beef. Being a coastal state, fish Curry & Rice are the staple food of Goa.

FAQ- Goan Food

1. what is the traditional food of Goa?

Some of the traditional food of Goa are Chicken Xacuti, Feijoada Prawns Xec Xec, Chicken Cafreal etc.

2. What is the Name of Goa famous Drink?

Fenny and Urrak are the Goa special drinks. It is a Popular Local Liquor in the Country.

3. What is Goa Special Drink?

Kokum is the special drink of Goa. this Non-alcoholic drink is quite popular in the state. and good for the digestive system. Kokum is a fruit.

4. What is goa Special food?

Chicken Cafreal, Chicken Vindaloo and Sorpotel are special food from Goa, It is the result of indo-Portuguese Cuisine.

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