Arunachal Pradesh Food | 12 Famous Food of Arunachal Pradesh

Lukter, pasa, Nagtok,Wungwut are some famous Arunachal Pradesh food.

Fermented foods are an intrinsic part of Arunachal Pradesh food. Various types of fermented food and beverage are consumed by the local tribes. This tribal cuisine includes dishes made of rice, Pork, fish, meat & Local green vegetables.

Bamboo shoots are one of the main ingredients of many local recipes. Veg & Non-veg food recipes are cooked with a combination of Bamboo shoots.

the traditional food of Arunachal Pradesh is mostly Boiled & Smoked.

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What is the Name of Arunachal Pradesh Food?

1. Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo shoots are an important ingredient in northeast cuisine. Similar in Arunachal Pradesh too. You will find many dishes with bamboo Shoots. Boiled bamboo shoots Salad with vegetables is one of the healthiest food from the cuisine of Arunachal Pradesh.

2. Thukpa

Thukpa is also popular in The state. Quite Popular among the “Monpa” tribe. It is their traditional dish. Thukpa is a Noodle soup dish prepared with Noodles with chicken or vegetables.

3. Momos

Momo’s is another popular and highly-eaten Arunachal Pradesh food. Momos are also very popular all over the country. But if you’re travelling to Arunachal Pradesh, don’t forget to try local authentic momos. Many versions of momos you can find here, one of them is fish momos.

4. Wungwut Ngam

Wungwut Ngam is a non-vegetarian dish. It is Prepared with Rice. Rice powder is prepared with roasted rice. Then the chicken is marinated with this powder with other spices. Marinated chicken is cooked on low flame with onion and other spices.

5. Pehak

if you are looking for chutney from Arunachal Pradesh cuisine. Pehak is for you. Pehak chutney is prepared with fermented soya bean and chili. Served with hot rice and lukter.

6. Pasa

This is soup. Made with fish. Soup is prepared with fresh fish, ginger, garlic, chillis, meat paste & local herbs.

7. Ngatok

It is a non-vegetarian curry dish from the Arunachal Pradesh food list. It is prepared with fresh raw Fish with traditional spices. Quite popular during winter. The mind-blowing taste will boom the mind of all fish lovers.

8. Lukter

It is the most popular side dish in Arunachal Pradesh cuisine. Lukter is a non-vegetarian dish made with meat. It is prepared with cooked dry meat and chili flakes of Bhut Jolokia. Also made with beef. Served with hot rice. Mostly consumed during winter

9. Chura Sabzi

Chura Sabji is a Curry dish. It is prepared with vegetables, fermented cheese, and other spices. This cheese is prepared with yak milk. The hottest chili flakes in the world, Bhut jholkia are also used in this dish.

10. Apong

Apong is a famous beer of Arunachal Pradesh. This local beer is prepared with rice. Quite popular among all the neighbouring states. Apong is one of the traditional food of Arunachal Pradesh.

11. Pika Pila

Pink Pila is a famous pickle of the state. It says that it is invented by the Apatani tribe. It’s prepared with bamboo shoots and pig fat with other spices. Served with their staple food.

12. Marua

Marua is another beer from the state. Marua is quite popular among the tribal community. Instead of rice, Marua is prepared with Millet. Locals love this drink.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the famous food of Arunachal Pradesh?

The 12 traditional foods of Arunachal Pradesh are 1. Bamboo Shoots 2. Thukpa 3. Momos 4. Wungwut Ngam 5. Pehak 6. Pasa 7. Ngatok 8. Lukter 9. Chura Sabzi 10. Apong 11. Pika Pila 12. Marua

2. What is the Name of the local Beer in Arunachal Pradesh?

The most popular local beer in Arunachal Pradesh is Among & Marua.


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