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A Brief About the Famous food of Tripura :

Famous food of Tripura includes Poad Pitha, Mui Borok, Gudok , Chuak etc. Tripura Cuisine adds dishes made of rice, pulses, vegetables, meat, chutney, and local herbs.

They also use fermented fish in their Cuisine. It is a bit salty and spicy in taste. This fermented fish is known as a “Berma”.

One of the most popular traditional food of Tripura is “Moi Borok”. Pork, and bamboo shoots are very common in Tripura food. Local food is mostly prepared without oil.

About Tripura Cuisine :

The Recipe of the Tripura cuisine is not only delicious but also good for health. “Berma” the fermented fish is a staple food of Tripura.

Foods include Fermented Fish, Bamboo Shoots, and Local Liquor made of Rice. Tripura belongs to the North East region of India. The state has a hilly terrain.

There are three states surrounding Tripura: Assam, Meghalaya, and Bangladesh. You can find the influence of their neighbour’s cuisine in Tripura food. Tripura is a landlocked state.

Most people are non-vegetarians in the state. Fish is the Main food of Tripura.

List of 12 famous food of Tripura

1. Mui Borok

Mui Borok is the famous food of Tripura. This dish is very tasty and unique. The local people of Tripura love this food very much. The Main Ingredient of This food is Berma.
Berma is dry fermented fish. It is a very common ingredient of many Tripura dishes. Mui Bork is one of the healthiest food in Tripura Because this amazing food is prepared without oil.

Berma is Cooked with Tomato, Vegetable, and Other Species. The addition of Berma gives a salty & Spicy taste to the Dish. This food is eaten with rice. Every fish lover must try this dish.

2. The Kosoi Bwtwi-

Another Oil-free dish from Tripura Food. Health-conscious people are going to love this. This dish is prepared with Berma and Beans. It is a famous dish in Tripura. The dish is Prepared with Beans, fermented fish Berma, Garlic, and Other Spices. Fermented fish bring a salty flavor to the food. Locals love this.

3. Gudok

The dish belongs to the tribal community of the state. This is another famous food of Tripura, made with Berma ( fermented fish). Berma is cooked with vegetables like potatoes, beans, bamboo shoots, Jack fruit seeds & Other spices.

This semi-solid dish is popular in functions & ceremonies. Gudok is much similar to the Manipuri dish Eromba. This food is also oil-free. Garnished with onions and coriander leaves, this healthy food is served with rice. Gudok is an authentic & staple food of Tripura.

4. Muya Bai

Muya bai is a famous non-vegetarian Tripura dish. Pork is the main ingredient of food. A unique dish of having a combination of Non-veg and vegetables.

Pork is Cooked with Veg ingredients like Bamboo shoots, Jack fruit Seed, Green papaya, and Other spices. This is a famous Bamboo shoots & Pork dish from the North East state of India. Food is eaten with hot rice.

5. Muya Awandru- Bamboo Shoots Dish of Tripura

Bamboo shoots are a popular food in North East Region. Similarly, in the staple food of Tripura, you can find usage of Bamboo shoots.
Muya Awandru, is one of the Tripura dishes based on bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoot is cooked with rice flour, Berma, and Other spices. This Gravy-based non-vegetarian dish is prepared without oil. Another Popular delicacy from Tripura Cuisine. Food is served with hot rice.

6. Mosdeng Serma

Mosdeng serma is a famous dish of Tripura. It is a tomato chutney. Chutney is very spicy and Tangy in taste. The very popular side dish of Tripura.

Common in every household. It is very quick and easy to make the dish. Prepared with Tomato and with other spices. Mostly consumed with rice.

7. Chuak-

Do you like local alcoholic drinks? Chuak is the traditional rice beer of Tripura. This is prepared with fermented rice. Chuak Very popular beer among the locals.

It is served on all special occasions and festivals. No function could be complete without this drink. You can find many varieties of Chuak. it is popular Local Alcoholic Drink of Tripura.

8. Bhangui

One more famous food from Tripura. Bhangui is a delicious food made with rice. Sun-dried Rice is mixed with Ghee, ginger, and Onion. Then this mix is filled with cone-shaped banana leaves. This cone is tied properly and put inside the hot for boiling. Banana leaf gives an amazing aroma and flavour to this food. Now food is ready to eat. Food is served hot.

9. Paanch Phoron Tarkari

Another interesting food, is Masala from Tripura cuisine. Paanch Phoron Tarkari means vegetables prepared with 5 different types of spices.

These Spices are fenugreek, Nigella Seeds, Fennel seed, Cumin Seed, and Mustard. This popular mixed vegetable food is prepared with Seasonal vegetables and other spices like bay leaves, red chilies & turmeric powder.
This food is inspired by Bengali cuisine. These five spices give a wonderful aroma to food. That aroma & Flavor temp to you towards this delicious food.

10. Chire Doi Aam

Chire Doi aam is inspired by Bengali cuisine. This sweet dish is prepared with rice flakes (Poha). This is a very simple dish. Rick flakes are soaked in water for 5-10 minutes.

This is a mix of Yogurt & Mango. Instead of Mango, any other food can also be used. Simple, delicious high-energy food. Tripura has a lot of Bengali families. It is very popular among them. Interesting food from Tripura cuisine.

11. Tohan Mosdeng

There is a various version of Mosdeng that can be found. One of those is Tohan Mosdeng. It is a lip-smacking and unique Chicken Salad from Tripura cuisine.

Overnight Marinated Chicken with spices is either fire-grilled or boiled. After that, the chicken is shredded & mixed with onions, chilies & coriander leaves.

12. Poda Pitha

It is a Traditional food of Tripura. The dish is Prepared with rice. Rice, lentils, coconut, and jaggery are used. Rice is soaked for 7-8 hours.

And it is grinding with lentils and kept for fermentation. After that jaggery, coconuts, salt, and pepper powder are mixed to paste. Then it is baked at the proper temperature.

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