Best Indian Cooking Channels on YouTube-2023

Are you looking for the Best Indian Cooking channels on YouTube? Find here the top YouTube cooking channel in India. And learn How to cook Indian Food. Channels are listed in the following categories-

A. Top cooking YouTube channels in India (Hindi)

B. Best Indian Cooking Channels on YouTube ( English )

C. Top YouTube cooking channels in India (Popular Chef)

A. Top Indian Cooking Channel – Hindi

Most Popular Indian food channels In India as per the Total Number of Subscribers.

5. Cooking Shooking

Another youtube channel to learn about Cooking Indian food is Cooking Shooking. The channel is managed by Indian chef Yaman Agarwal. He is generally a guide for Vegetarian recipes.
His channel has 12.7 M subscribers with 393 videos. This channel was started by Yaman in 2012.

Subscribers 4.43M

Videos 617

4. Hebbars Kitchen

Hebbar’s kitchen was Started by Archana in the year 2015. Currently, this YouTube channel has 6.69M subscribers. Channel has Uploaded around 2,074 Recipe videos. This channel is dedicated to vegetarians. It is one of the popular YouTube channels to learn about Indian Food.

Subscribers 6.69M

Videos 2,074

3. Kabita’s Kitchen

The Kabita Kitchen YouTube channel is Managed by Kabita. She started her channel in 2014. Currently, this Channel has 12.3M subscribers and More than 1,224 videos. You will get to learn Indian Veg and Non-Veg recipes here.

Subscribers 12.3M

Videos 1,224

2. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Learn cooking from the Popular Chef of India – Sanjeev Kapoor. Sanjeev is Better known for his show on Zee Tv -Khana Khazana. he is a very popular face in India from the food industry. Restaurant owner, Consultant this award-winning celebrity chef have 7.04 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Subscribers 7.04M

Videos 12,387

1. Nisha Madhulika

Nisha is a Popular Youtube Content creator. She also won the award from YouTube for India’s Top YouTube chef in 2014. Nisha Launched its YouTube channel in 2014. Now its YouTube channel has 12.8 Million subscribers with 1920 Videos. Nisha also writes columns on food for Various Popular magazines and websites.

Subscribers 12.8M

Videos 1,920

B. Best Indian Cooking Channel on youtube – English

Top YouTube cooking channels of Indian In English. Learn Cooking of Indian food in the English Language.

2. Get Curried

Are you looking for an English YouTube channel to learn the cooking of Indian food? Getting Curried will help you out. This Channel will Provide recipe videos for Indian as well as International Food. Channel has More than 1000+ recipe Videos and 1.24 Million Subscribers on its channel.

Subscribers 2.42M

Videos 1,099

1. Home Cooking Show

Another top cooking YouTube channel to learn Indian Cuisine is Home Cooking Show. This Channel is available in English. You can learn South Indian food as well as International food from this channel.

this channel is managed by Hema and Tarun. Currently, this channel manages 2193 Videos and 2.6 Million subscribers.

Subscribers 2.6M

Videos 2,193

C. Best Indian Cooking Channel on YouTubePopular Chef

List of Popular Indian YouTube channels from The Popular Chef of India.

5. Ajay Chopra

 Ajay Chopra is One of The Most Popular Chefs in India. He is a Celebrity chef in India. He was one of the Judges in Master Chef India Seasons 1 & Seasons 2 Hindi Version.  Currently, his YouTube Channel has 469 K Subscribers and 479 Videos. 
He also founded Oman’s first Progressive Indian Cuisine Restaurant. The name of the Restaurant is Jashn.  

Subscribers 469K

Videos 479

4. chef Harpal Singh

Harpal Singh is another Popular Chef In India. He is also known for his TV Show “Turban Tadka ” On the “Food-Food “TV Channel. His “Namak Shamak” jingle became quite Popular among Viewers. He has hosted many TV Shows. Now His youtube channel has 907k Subscribers and 1316 Videos.

Subscribers 907K

Videos 1,316

3. Kunal Kapur

He is among the Post Popular chefs in India. Kunal Kapoor Hosted Master
chef India Hindi- Season 1 to 5. He has also won the award of India’s Best Chef in 2008 by India Today. Currently, his Youtube cooking Channel Has 4.7 M subscribers and 838 Videos”.

Subscribers 4.7M

Videos 838

2. Chef Ranveer Brar

 Chef Ranveer Brar is also a very popular face in India. He is also Hosted
Master Chef India Season 4 and Season 6. Ranveer is an Award Winner Celebrity chef in India and has hosted many television shows. Currently, His YouTube cooking channel has 5.19 M subscribers and 599 Videos.   

Subscribers 5.19M

Videos 599

1. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Sanjeev Kapoor Most Popular Award chef in India. He has become a popular face in every home in India with the Zee Tv Show Khana Khazana. This is one of the longest-running shows in Asia. “Food Food “Channel is also Owned By Sanjeev Kapoor.

You can learn about cooking Indian food from his YouTube channel, which has around 7.05 million Subscribers and 12387 Indian Recipes videos.  

Subscribers 7.04M

Videos 12,387

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