20 Types of Pickles in India

Pickles are an essential part of Indian Food. Find here the list of various types of pickles. It is a popular side dish in India.

Here is the list of 20 Types of Pickles in India

1. Mango Pickle

Mango Pickles are one of the most popular pickles in India. Almost every state and every home consume this pickle. The pickling process varied in India in every region. Raw whole baby mango or cut mango are used for pickling. “Avakaya “from Andhra Pradesh is one of the popular types of pickles in India.

2. Mesu Pickle

Mesu pickle is a famous pickle of Sikkim. It is made with fermented bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots are a common and important food ingredient in Sikkim cuisine.

Types of Pickles in India

3. Bhoot Jolokia Pickle/ Bhut Jolokia Pickle

Bhoot Jolokia is a type of chilli found in the Assam region of India. It is famous for its spiciness all over the world. Bhoot Jolokia is one of the hottest chillies on earth. The pickle of this chilli is very popular. Hope you love to accept the challenge to taste it. Best luck!

4. Green Apple Pickle

Pickle made with green apple. Is it interesting? This pickle is popular in Jammu and Kashmir.

5. Lingri Pickle/ Lingad Pickle


This famous pickle is from Himachal. Lingad is a Popular fern of Himachal. It is a wild-growing plant. Also used as a Vegetable in the state. It is also known as fiddlehead. This plant is mostly found in the jungle.

6. Aaroo Pickle

Aaroo is a Special fruit found in the Himalayan region. That is also known as “Behmi”. It is a wild fruit. Pickle is popular in the Himachal region.

7. Beedana Pickle

Beedana is a Quince. It is related to apples and pears. This is another popular pickle from the Himachal area.

8. Dheu Pickle

Dheu is fruit of the tree Artocarpus lakucha. Also known as Lakooch or monkey fruit. Other famous Pickle from Himachal Pradesh are -1. Galgal pickle- 2. Kachalu pickle- Himachal Pradesh 3. Kachnar pickle4. Lasura pickle 5. Nashpati pickle 6. Tamatar pickle

9. Curry Leaves Pickle

It is a very popular pickle of Tamil Cuisine. Curry leaves have many health benefits. It is also known as Karivepaku.

10. Brinjal Pickle

It is a pickle from Goa. Made of aubergine (Egg Plant). A unique and Spicy Pickle.

Types of Pickles in India

11. Akhuni Pickle

Akhuni is fermented soybeans. It is very mostly eaten in north cuisine. This is fermented paste is used in many local pickles.

12. Amle Pickle

Pickle made with Amla ( Goosberry). Very famous in north Indian food.

13. Chana Methi Pickle

This is a special type of pickle made with Chana and Methi from Gujarat. Pickle is prepared with Chana (Cheak Peas) and Methi dana (fenugreek seed) with raw mangoes pieces (Keri).

14. Banana Flower Pickle

Yes, you are reading right. The banana flower is also used as a pickle. It’s from Assam cuisine. This is also very popular in Nepal.

15. Kolhapuri Thecha

This is made with red or green chilli with garlic. Tempering is done with mustard seed. This dish is from Maharashtra

16. Chintakaya Pachedi

Chintakaya Pachedi is a pickle made with raw tamarind. Tamarind has many health benefits. Famous pickles from Andhra & Tamil cuisine.

17. Prawns Pickle

Prawns pickle is popular in Goa and Kerala cuisine. People enjoy this dish with Rice.

18. Pork and Bamboo Shoot Pickles

Pork and Bamboo shoots are popular ingredients in the northeast. The same is used for the pickle recipes too. Famous in Arunachal Pradesh.

19. Gajar Gobhi Salgam Pickles

Gajar- Gobhi- Salgam Pickles are from North India. Especially in Punjab and Haryana.

20. Sundakkai Urugai

Turkey beery us used for this Tangy pickle. Sundakkai urugai is very famous in south India.

There are many types of pickles found in India made with vegetables, fruits, Seafood, and Meat too. Pickles are made by the Process called “Pickling”. “Pickling” is the process of extending the life of food with oil, vinegar, lemon juice, etc. Pickle is known as “Achar” in Hindi. Also spelled Achaar, Aachaar. It is called in Marathi “Loncha”, “Athanu” in Gujarati, “Uppinakaayi” in Kannada, “Pachadi” in Telgu, “Urukai” in Tamil, “Uppillittuthu” in Malayalam. Āchār is a Persian word that means powdered or salted meats, or fruits preserved in salt, Vinegar, Honey, or Syrup.

The most popular type of pickles in India is made with mango, lemon, red chilli, green chilli, and Gooseberries (Amla). These pickles are eaten in every state of India. Other than these, pickles made with carrots, cauliflower, jackfruits, fish, and prawns based are also very popular in the country. Indian cuisine is highly diversified, which can also be seen in the Pickles of every region.

Bollywood Movie dialogue “Maa Ke Hatho Ka Achar “meaning” Pickles Prepared by Mother herself” has a special place in every Indian child’s life. Every Indian loves pickles. They do keep a jar of Pickles even when they stay outside the country. We categorize Indian pickles into two Parts.

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