Interesting Food Stories From Indian Mythological Books

Story 01 -Rishi Agastya and Vatapi

Vatapi is a character from Hindu mythology. He was the elder of two demons, the other being his brother Ilvala. According to legend, Vatapi and Ilvala had a special power that allowed them to turn themselves into goats. They would use this power to trick travellers into eating the flesh of the goat, which was actually their own transformed bodies. Once the traveller had eaten the flesh, Ilvala would command Vatapi to return to his original form, causing the traveller’s stomach to burst and killing them.

One day, a sage named Agastya arrived in the kingdom ruled by Vatapi and Ilvala. Agastya was not fooled by their tricks and instead used his own powers to defeat the demons and free the people from their tyranny. The story of Vatapi and Ilvala is told as a cautionary tale about the dangers of greed and deception.

This story is mentioned in the Indian mythological book Mahabharata-


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