Top Indian Snacks brands -2022

There are Many Snacks Brands in the Indian food Market.

Indian snack markets are dominated by many national, international, and local food brands.

American food brands like PepsiCo are getting tough competition from Indian brands like Haldiram in this segment.

Snacks brands of India offer a wide range of food products like potato chips, nachos, mixtures, samosa, papads, pakoras, popcorn, muruku, forums and many more items

Indian snack market is one of the growing markets and it is expected to reach Rs 1 billion by the end of 2024.

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Here is the list of the top  Indian snacks brands

  1. Haldirams
  2. Balaji Wafers
  3. DFM Foods
  4. Bikanerwala
  5. Prataap Snacks
  6. ITC Limited
  7. RPG Group

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Source- Economics times

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