21 Famous Food of Rajasthan

In this blog, we will uncover 21 famous food of Rajasthan that will tantalize your taste buds. Rajasthan, the land of royals and vibrant culture, is also renowned for its delectable cuisine.

From royal delicacies to street snacks, this blog unveils the flavours that have become synonymous with the vibrant state of Rajasthan.

About Rajasthani Cuisine :

Rajasthani cuisine reflects the arid desert landscape and the traditional lifestyles of the region. Vegetarian dishes take centre stage in Rajasthani cooking, with ingredients like millet, wheat, pulses, and a variety of vegetables. Ghee, or clarified butter, is a key ingredient, adding richness to the dishes. The cooking methods include deep frying, roasting, and slow cooking in traditional clay ovens (tandoor).

Here is the List of 21 Famous food of Rajasthan

Below we have listed 21 Rajasthan famous food. Rajasthani foods are delicious as well as healthy. 

1. Mohan Maas- Famous Nonveg dish of Rajasthan

“Mohan Maas is a famous food in Rajasthan. It is a non-vegetarian dish. If you are looking for the real Rajwadi cuisine taste, this dish is for you. The Mutton curry dish, Mohan Mass, is rich in cream, herbs, and dry fruits.

The topping of cardamom and cinnamon makes it even more delicious and royal. Prepared with mutton or chicken, this yogurt-based curry dish will delight you.

2. Laal Maas

“Laal Maas is a non-vegetarian dish from Rajasthani cuisine. ‘Laal’ means red, and ‘Maas’ refers to meat in the local language. As the name indicates, it is a red-coloured meat curry dish. This food was invented by the chef of the Mewar King during the 10th century when they went hunting.

Mutton is prepared with yoghurt, tomatoes, and other spices, with Kashmiri Mirch used for its unique colour. This delicious non-vegetarian recipe is a must-have dish for every non-vegetarian lover.

There is a tradition associated with this dish, Laal Maas, that it is only cooked and served by men. For women, two other recipes were prepared, namely ‘Mohan Maas’ and ‘Jungli Maas’.

4. Mirchi Bada – Famous Street food of the State

Mirchi Bada is a simple and delicious snack from Rajasthan, generally enjoyed during breakfast or as an evening snack. It is a deep-fried snack prepared with chilis (Mirch).

The chilis are dipped into chickpea batter and then deep-fried in oil. It is also known as Mirchi vada or Mirchi Pakoda and is a popular dish in other parts of India as well. It is a famous street food of Rajasthan.

5. Pyaaz Ki Kachori

Do you love kachori? It is a Rajasthani version of kachoris. This delicious & Crucbny spicey dish is prepared with onions. It is a popular Snack in the state. Kachoris are deep-fried snacks. Prepared with all-purpose flour and stuffed with moong dal lentils and other spices. You will find the various version in the stuffing. Served with green or Mithi chutney.

6. Gatte

This dish is popular in every household in the state. This Thick gravy dish is prepared with Gatte. Gattee is a roundel made with Gram flour. Gatte is prepared with yoghurt, Tomatoes, and other spices. Shahi Gatte And Masala Gatte are different versions of this dish. list of famous food of Rajasthan is incomplete without Gatte ki pulao.

7. Kadhi

Indian food is Known for Kadhi (Curry) dishes worldwide. Besan & Pakodis are used for these gravy-based dishes. Every kadhi Lover Must try the Rajasthani version of Kadhi. Delicious Rajasthan food.

8. Kalmi Vada

It is another Authentic dish from Rajasthani food. Karmi Vada is a Popular deep-fried snack in the state. Prepared with Chana dal & Other spices. Generally served hot with Green or Meethi chutney. it is one of the famous snacks of Rajasthan.

9. Ker Sangri – Unique food of Rajasthan

This amazing dish is a combination of Ker (a berry) and Sangri (a bean). This recipe is also very famous in the neighbouring state of Haryana. Ker and Sangri are unique vegetables that are mostly found in this local jungle area. This delicious food is cooked with ingredients like red chillies, carom seeds, and other Indian spices.

It is a traditional dish of Rajasthan. This dried dish is famous in every household. Locals have eaten this food with Rice and Curry. The addition of Ghee increases the richness of the taste. In some recipes, you will also find the usage of jaggery.

10. Gatte ki Khichdi

Gatte ki khichdi is a special rice dish from the state. This Spicy rice is loved by locals. Gatta is a special food item that Is prepared with Gram flour (Besan). Besan is very Ingredient in Rajasthan dishes. This food is very important on those days when vegetable is not available, and you can’t serve plain rice to your guest.

In this Marwari dish, gatte is cooked with boiled rice and other Indian spices. This one-pot delicious and Aromatic food is served hot with boondi raita, Ker Sangri, Kadhi, or Curd. It is also known as Ram Khichdi.

11. Aam ki Launji- Famous Mango dish from Rajasthan

Lits of Rajasthan’s famous food has a special dish Made of Mango (Aam). It is a distinct and delicious mango pickle. This finger-licking Pickle Is prepared with raw green Mango. This sweet mango pickle and very popular in every household in Rajasthan. It is a very common side dish in daily food.

Fresh Raw Mangoes are chopped into small pieces and Cooked with Jaggery and Some Indian Spices. A combination of raw mango and Jaggery gives you an amazing Sweet & sour taste to your taste buds. Some people use sugar instead of Jaggery. It can be eaten with breakfast, lunch, or dinner with Rice or Paratha. “Aam ki launji” and “Paratha” have always been unavoidable food.

12. Mohan Thaal – Famous Sweet dish from Rajasthan cuisine

This dish is also popular in Gujrat. Mohan Thal is prepared with Besan & Dry fruits. This awesome sweet dish has an amazing taste of ghee. Rosewater, cardamom, and saffron make this food unforgettable. This Toothsome sweet is also famous by the name “Dil Khushal” or “Besan Ki Barfi”.

It is a very simple sweet dish. Easily can be made at home. During the festival of Diwali, this dessert is mostly consumed and prepared. This dish has Good Self-life. It is an amazing sweet dish made with Gram flour.

13. Ghevar- Popular Sweet of Rajasthan

This popular dessert is famous in entire North India. This sinful sweet dish is not easy to make. Ghevar is a disc-shaped sweet cake. Giving shape to this dish is one of the complex processes. This food is prepared during the festival of Teej, Rakshabandhan.

Ghevar is unique and delicious food from Rajasthani cuisine. It is made of Maida and Sugar Syrup. This disc-shaped sweet dish is Prepared with Unique Metal Molds. The texture of Ghevar is Like Honey Comb.

This Rajasthani dish is available in many types like Rabri Ghevar, Malai Ghevar, Mawa Ghevar, Cake Ghevar, and Chocolate Ghevar. This sweet delight is also very popular during Krishna Janmashtami.

14. Moong Daal Ka Halwa

Halwa is a famous sweet dish in India. Variety of Version is available in Halawa. One of those is Moong dal ka Halwa. It is a very popular Desert in north India. Moong dal ka halwa is a Very Famous dish in a Marriage ceremony in India. This is one of the royal dishes garnished with dry fruits and prepared with Ghee.

Rajasthan famous food

15. Kalakand

Kalakand is one of the most famous sweet dishes in India. You will find this sweet dish in the entire India. The delicious delicate dish is made with Khoya or Mawa. That is the by-product of Milk. It is soft, juicy & a heavenly taste. Flavoured with cardamom and garnished with dry fruits.

16. Mawa Kachori- Traditional food of Rajasthan cuisine

Mawa kachori is a Sweet version of kachori from Rajsthan Cuisine. A sweet dish from Rajwadi Cuisine. In this Food, kachoris are stuffed with Mawa. Mawa (khoya ) is the sweet by-product of milk. This stuffed kachori is also filled with dry fruits. This mouth-watering sweet dish will give your taste buds a royal treatment.

17. Balushahi

In South India, this dessert is known as Badushah. This Sweet Indian delicacy Looks like a “donut” but is very much different in taste and texture. It is crisp on the outside but soft, moist & tender on the inside. Balushahi is Not only a famous sweet dish in Rajasthan but also in the entire Country.

It is known as balushahi because it crumbles in the mouth while eating & Shahi means royal dish.

This royal dish is prepared with Maida flour, Baking Powder, Ghee, and Curd. A small Ball is prepared with a hole in the centre, and then this ball is deep-fried and dipped into the sugar syrup. This delicacy is very popular during Indian festivals in North India.

18. Churma Ladoo

Churma ladoo is a famous dessert in the list of Rajasthan’s famous food. This sweet dish is made of whole wheat. This is also called an atta Churma ladoo. Chuma is atta ladoo mostly prepared in home. Kids love this Food very much.

This delicious sweet dish is famous during Ganesh Chaturthi. It is a traditional ladoo of Rajasthan served to Lord Ganesh also. Churma is a Powder made of deep-fried whole wheat flour and sugar. It can be eaten in powdered form also. And it can be shaped into ladoo too. This food is served with the famous food Rajasthan “Dal Bati. It can be very easily stored in an airtight container.

19. Imarti

One more popular sweet dish of Rajasthan. This Circular shaped sweet dish is extremely famous in Rajasthan and North India. This sweet delicacy is one of the essential sweet dishes in the festival of Holi. It is very much similar to jalebi.

This Bright sweet dish is made with Urad dal ( Bengal gram), cornflour, saffron, and Edible food color. Imarti is deep-fried sweet. It is also known as” Jangri “ in south India.

20. Doodhiya Kheench- Famous dish of rajasthan

This is another Rajasthan famous sweet. Makar Sankranti is celebrated with this sweet dish. The texture of this food is very similar to Rabri. Kheech means mashed texture like porridge. Doodhiya Kheech is Made of wheat and milk. Soaked wheat is ground and then cooked with milk and water in a pressure cooker. After that again cooked on low flame with milk and sugar. It is served hot after garnishing with almonds or dry fruits.

21. Chhena Malpua- A special Sweet dish of the State

Chhena malpua is a sweet dish made with Chhena ( Paneer). Paneer is a Cottage cheese. It’s like a Pancake. Malpua is one of the foods of Rajasthan during Hindu festivals in North cuisine. It is a Deep-fried sweet dish.

Malpua is prepared with Paneer and flour. A dough is made with the essential ingredient. Malpua is made with dough and deep-fried in oil on low flame. After that dipped into the sugar syrup. Very simple and easy to cook the dish. It gets prepared in every household.

Here we have mentioned around 21 famous food from Rajasthan. These Dishes are quite popular in the state and Country.

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