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Name of 18 Desi Daru of India. India has more than 29 states with diverse cultures. You will find a variety of Desi Daru (local liquor) in the country. it is also consumed more because it is the cheapest price alcoholic beverage. Mostly preferred by countryside people.

What is Desi Daru or Local Liquor?

Desi Daru means Local liquor or local alcoholic drinks of the country. In India, Daru is a regional word for Alcoholic drinks. This local drink is available in legal and illegal forms in the market. . Desi Daru is generally made of local food and grains.

The market for Local liquor (Indian-made Commercial Liquor ) is quite big in India. Around 2/3 of the Alcohol consumed in India is Local Liquor. The most popular liquor in the IMCL category is “Tharra”. It is very well known in North Indian Market.

What is the Popular Desi Daru name in India?

Here is the Name of the Popular & unique Desi Daru (Local Liquor) from India. It is made from the fermentation process. Here is the List of 18 Desi Daru from the country.

1. Toddy-local liquor of Andhra Pradesh

Toddy is popular Indian wine in the State of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala. The coconut palm tree is used to make it. The colour of this drink is White. The Alcohol Percentage of this local Indian liquor is 4 % to 6%. Kallu, palm wine, and palm toddy are other names for this liquor.

Toddy is also prepared with palm trees such as date palms. Fresh toddy is sweet, it gets intoxicated after fermentation. That is start after some time.

2. Apong- local liquor of Arunachal Pradesh

This is a popular local liquor of Noth East state of India, Arunachal Pradesh, and Assam. Apong is prepared from Rice. The Color of this famous drink is White.

The percentage of Alcohol is found around 12 % to 13%. This drink is also known by Other Names i.e. Apo, Haaz, Apong Mod, Zou. This is also known as Apo, Haaz, Apong Mod, and Zou. Apo is not easily available in the market, it is generally brewed in households. And it is an important drink for many festivals and Celebrations.

There are two kinds of Apong- Nogin, and Po: Ro. For Nogin special Stater cake is prepared that is known as E’pob. Po: Ro is a drink that is good for WINTER. It is a very famous local alcoholic drink in India from North East.

3. Fenni – local liquor of Goa

The Most Popular Local drink in Goa is Fenni. This amazing drink is Prepared with Cashew Fenni a white Color alcoholic drink. This is drink is quite popular among tourists too. The percentage of Alcohol varies from 42% to 45%. It is a 400-year-old drink. Introduced by Portuguese in Goa. Easily available in any liquor shop in Goa in various bottle sizes.

Goa has two types of Fenni Cashew Fenni and coconut Fenni. Initially, goa was making feni with Coconut but later on, cashew was introduced in Goa by the Portuguese, and cashew Fenni’s birth has taken place. Fenni is a strong drink with a very strong smell. extremely popular Indian local alcoholic drink.

4. Urak- local liquor of Goa

Urak is a popular drink in Goa. But it is not easily available in the Goan Liquor market. Urak is a distilled local liquor. It is made from the ripe cashew apple. This distilled cashew apple liquor is mostly enjoyed in summer with lemon and green chilli. You can have it with Limca, soda, or lemonade.  This staple drink of Goa helps them to beat the summer heat. Jungle juice is what it is called.

5. Handia -local liquor of Odisha

Handia is a famous local alcoholic drink in North Indian states like Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Odisha, and Jharkhand. This drink is mostly consumed in tribal areas. Rice is used to prepare this drink. Handia a white colour local drink is also spelt as Handi, Hadiya.

It is a Tribal drink that is very popular during Karma pooja. This festival is a celebration of harvesting. Handia word inspires by the word handi, handi is an earthen pot that is used for rice fermentation.

This drink is a good source of income for the Adivasi people in their area. Soaked rice is boiled and then a special herbal root, Locally known as“ Bakhar” is added

That helps in the fermentation of the mixture. This process takes 2-3days. Then Handia is filtered with the help of a bamboo or metal filter. Handia is served with tamarind chutney, chili, and salt. It has a lower alcoholic percentage as compared to other country liquor of India.

6. Lugdi- local liquor of Himachal Pradesh

Lugdi is an alcoholic drink in Pahari Area. It is a traditional alcoholic drink of Himachal Pradesh. This Famous local drink of the state Made with Cereal Grains. This is also a white color drink. It is also known as“ Jhol”. Lugdi is generally started to prepare on summer days in Himachal Pradesh and Mostly this drink is consumed in winter. Summer helps for better fermentation for this drink.

Consumed by locals during all celebratory occasions like festivals, weddings. It made an amazing combination with the Himachal dish known as “Khatta”. This famous drink is also mentioned in the Movie “ Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani” when Ranbir Kapoor was tracking in Manali.

7. Arak – local liquor of Ladakh

Arak is also Spelled as Araq. It is another white Color Local drink from India. This is a famous drink of the snow-laden State “Of Ladakh”. It is made from Grapes & Aniseed. The alcohol Content in this drink varies from 40 % to 50%.
This anise-flavoured distilled alcoholic drink has come from Persia. Now it is an essential part of the people of Ladakh. This drink is famous among tourists.

8. Mahua-local liquor of Chhattisgarh

Mahua ( Madhuca longifolia) is a flower that is found in the jungle of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Jharkhand. Local people made alcoholic drinks with these flowers. This white colour Tribal drink is also known as “Mahua Daru “ locally.

The alcohol content of this drink varies from 7 % to 9 %. The name of this drink is also spelt as Mahuwa, Mahwa, Mohulo. Some state government has been planning for the commercialization of this drink in various flavour in the market.

Mahua Daru has a special place in the life of Tribal people. Any kind of celebration or occasion is incomplete without this local alcoholic drink. In Bastar, Chhattisgarh, 90% of Mahua flowers are used for this alcoholic beverage Production.

9. Zutho- local liquor of Nagaland

“Zutho is the well-known alcoholic drink of Nagaland. It is a beer. Most of the local liquor of India is Made of Rice. Zutho is also a fermented rice drink. This White colour Liquor is having an alcohol content of around 5%. Zutho is an important drink in the life of Nagas. Mostly Zutho is Made of White sticky rice, but it is also prepared with red sticky rice, millet, and job tears.

A special yeast cake is used for the fermentation of this drink that is made of rice and local plants. The quality of the drink depends on the quality of fermentation.” Zutho” has always been a special part of any kind of celebrations and events in Naga people’s lives

10. Raksi- local liquor of Sikkim

A drink from the northeast state of the Country. This Popular local alcoholic drink of India from Sikkim. This is a strong Drink. It looks similar to Gin or Vodka. Rice is used to prepare this drink. Kodo millet is also used to make this drink. Raksi is a White colour drink with an alcohol content of 5%. This drink is popular under another name “ Sekmai Yoo” too.

This liquor is also very popular in Nepal. Here it is known as “Aila”. Mostly consumed with Pork, Beef, or Goat meat. This fermented rice is a drink to taste like Japanese “sake”. Served on all special occasions in special Glass called “ Bhatti Glass”.

11. Chuak-Desi Daru of Tripura

Another drink name in the list of Northeast State. Chuak Is a Popular local drink of Tripura.
This white colour local alcoholic drink is made of fermented Rice water. This is a rice Beer. It is also famous by another Name Chuarak. It is a traditional drink of Tripura. Served on all special occasions or celebrations to senior people.

12. Chuwarak- local liquor of Tripura

One more Popular local liquor from Tripur is Chuwarak. It is local whiskey. This special Whiskey is Made of Jackfruit, rice, and Pineapple. Special Ingredients like Thakotor and Tokhiseleng leaves are also used to prepare this drink.

Chuwarak is a strong liquor that takes time to prepare. This distilled liquor is a good option for high-end whiskeys. So, Whenever you travel to Tripura, you what you have to do. Very famous among locals and served on many occasions and functions.

13. Chhang- local liquor of Sikkim

Chhang is a local alcoholic drink. Also known as Himalayan beer. This local alcohol is a popular drink of Sikkim. Chhang is also very famous in Nepal and the Tibetan area. chhang is prepared with finger millet. Chhang plays a special role in the life of the Lepcha Community. Local food and drink bring the people to a close. This drink is also offered to their deities during local ceremonies.

The usage of Bamboo in Sikkim is vital. In food, people use bamboo shoots. Chhang also uses a special kind of Bamboo Jar to serve the drink. It is filled up to the brim. Chhang is mostly consumed in winter with a mix of warm water. The drink helps to warm the body of valley people.
Chhang is called “ Tongba “ In Nepal.

14. Judima -Desi Daru of Assam

Judima is a popular rice-based alcoholic drink from Assam. It is rice wine brewed by dimasa tribe of the state. A special rice cake is used to prepare this drink. It is called “Humao” locally. This cake is prepared from the bark of the plant “thembra “.

Starter cake is Mixed with cooked rice kept for fermentation and it takes 6-7 days for the process. This yellow colour drink has a sweet-sour and pungent flavour. Judima traditional rice wine is an integral part of the Dimsa tribe.

Studies have shown a controlled amount of Judima has health benefits. It is helpful in many diseases and psychological disorders. “Judima” is also in the race for GI Registration.

15. Kesar Kasturi-local liquor of Rajasthan

Kesar Katuri is a drink from Rajasthan. It is a royal heritage drink. Made of 22 dry fruits, Herbs, and spices. Ingredients like Saffron, dry fruits, nuts, seeds, roots, ghee, and mile are used. These herbs and other ingredients make this drink mesmerizing and flavorful. The drink was Mostly consumed by the royal family during winter.

Production of is royal liquor is carried out by Royal Heritage Liqueur Distillery, Jhotwara (Jaipur), a unit of Rajasthan Ganganagar Sugar Mills Ltd. High-quality water used in the production of Royal Heritage Liqueur. The traditional technique is used of distillation maintains the aroma and taste of the liquor.

16. Bangla- local liquor of Bengal

Bangla is Local liquor from west Bengal. The alcohol percentage in Bangla is around 50%-60%. It is a very popular local liquor. It has around 35%-40% market share in the Bangla Liquor market. Bangla Liquor is a very important drink in Bengali people’s life. In many religious activities, it is offered to deities. This Local alcoholic drink is Made from sorghum, Bajra, and wheat. The government has given a license to sell the drink in the Market. Bangla is distilled liquor. The drink is served with soda or water to reduce this alcohol percentage. Bangla is majorly consumed by those who can’t afford premium liquor but it is popular among all. This Bengali Liquor is also a good source of income for the West Bengal government.

18. Kiad- local liquor of Meghalaya

Kiad is rice beer from Meghalaya. This Indian alcoholic beverage belongs to Khasi and Pnar ( Also known as Jainttia Community). This traditional drink of Meghalaya has an important role in their local ceremonies and event. This is very strong liquor. The alcohol percentage is around 70%. Officially the diluted version of Kiad is sold. A controlled amount of Kiad that has medicinal properties also.

17. Xaj -local liquor of Assam

If you are in Assam you have must be heard about Xaj Pani. Xaj Pani is the Local alcohol of the state. It is a traditional rice beer from Assam. Made with the process of fermentation of Rice with some local herbs. Xaj is the drink of the Ahom Community. During all important events like childbirth, wedding and even funeral this Drink play an important role. During the famous local festival of Assam “Boghali Bihu” and “Rongali Bihu” this drink was served to the guest. It is a very popular household drink in the state. You can say Xaj is the Heritage alcoholic drink of Assam.

Other than rice Mahua, cashews, sugar cane, Apples, and apricots are also used. Many local liquors are officially legalized to sell in the market and they are giving high revenue to Government. Like Bangla in West Bengal, The market share of this drink is very high compared to any other liquor in the state. People used local liquor to socialize and celebrate their events of Life. In some tribal areas, it is also a part of some of their religious rituals. Goa is very well known in India for its Cashews drink “Feni”. Be sure about the safety of this drink before going to taste it.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ )

1. What is the Meaning of IMCL, IMIL and IMFL?

The meaning of IMCL, IMIL and IMFL are here
IMCL- Indian Made Country Liquor,
IMIL- Indian Made Indian Liquor.
IMFL- Indian Made Foreign Liquor.

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