What is the national dish of India

The concept of a single “national dish of India” is somewhat complicated by the country’s diverse culinary traditions and regional variations. India is known for its delicious & variety of dishes, and different regions have their own amazing regional dishes.

But if one were to serve a dish that is generally considered to represent Indian cuisine worldwide, “biryani” could be a strong contender

Biryani is an aromatic and aromatic rice dish made with aromatic spices, meat (such as chicken, lamb, or beef), and sometimes vegetables Biryani is prepared differently in different parts of India, each with n ‘own unique twist and combination of materials. This is a dish that showcases the complexity and variety of Indian flavours.

Indian Cuisine is incredibly diverse, and there are many other dishes like curries, dosas, samosas, etc., which are also widely popular and loved in India as well as around the world.

“Khichdi” is also a very popular and relaxed meal loved in India. It’s made with rice, lentils, and attractive spices that make it high-quality flavorful and comfy. Whether you are healthy or feeling a bit under the weather, khichdi is a dish that can be enjoyed in either case.

Maybe someday, people will think of khichdi could be the “national dish of India.”

But there is no official national dish of India.

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