Indian Restaurants in USA-2022

Indian restaurants are quite popular in the USA. The reason is not only the increasing number of Indian or Asian people in the country but also the popularity of Indian food. Approx 45 lakhs + Indians live in the USA. California has the largest population of Indians.

Indian food is known for its Spicy taste, Aroma, and flavor worldwide. There is a wide variety of food available in Indian cuisine.

The popularity of Indian food is not only among local Americans but also among Hollywood celebrities.

Here we have Listed Popular Indian restaurants in the Top cities of the USA.

A. Popular Indian Restaurants in the USA

1. Indian restaurant in New York, USA

  • Junoon
  • Benares
  • Brick Lane
  • Moti Mahal Delux
  • Awadh
  • Darbar Grill
  • Delhi Heights
  • Dhaba
  • Saravanaa Bhavan
  • Tamarind Tribeca
  • Indian Accent
  • Maharaja Sweets
  • Ganesh Temple Canteen

2. Indian restaurant in Chicago, USA

  •  Ghareeb Nawaz
  •  Vajra
  •  Cumin
  • The Spice Room 
  • Rooh
  • Rangoli
  • Vermillion
  • Tandoor Char House
  • Superkhana International
  • Pub Royale
  • Sabri Nihari Restaurant
  • Tiffin The Indian Kitchen

3. Indian restaurant in San francisco, USA

  • August (1) Five
  • Taj Campton Place Restaurant
  • Dosa on Fillmore
  • Shalimar
  • Amber
  • Little Delhi Re
  • Udupi Palace
  • Aslam’s Rasoi
  • Mela Tandoori Kitchen

4. Indian restaurant in Washington dc, USA

  • Rasika West End
  • Karma Modern Indian
  • Woodlands
  • Bindaas Foggy Bottom
  • Rasoi
  • Indique
  • Jewel of India
  • Masala Art
  • Le Mirch

6. Indian restaurant in Long Angeles,USA

  • Anarbagh Restaurant
  • BadmaashLA
  • Bollywood Café
  • Paru’s
  • Spice Affair
  • Jaipur- Cuisine of India
  • Urban Masala Fresh Indian
  • Bombay Palace
  • Cardamom Indian Cuisine
  • Woodlands Pure Vegetarian South Indian Cuisine

7. Indian restaurant in Dallas -fort worth, USA

  • 8 Cloves – Spice of India
  • Shivas Bar & Grill
  • Spices of India Kitchen
  • Roti Grill
  • Our Place
  • Kalachandji’s
  • Kebab N Kurry Indian Restaurant

8. Indian restaurant in Houston, USA

  • Aga’s
  • Da Gama Canteen
  • Himalaya Restaurant
  • Kiran’s
  • London Sizzler
  • Mahesh’s Kitchen
  • Musaafer
  • Pondicheri
  • Shiv Sagar
    Surya India

9. Indian restaurant in Philadelphia, USA

  • Indeblue Modern Indian
  • Karma Restaurant & Bar
  • Banana Leaf
  • Veda Modern Indian Bistro
  • Kabul Restaurant
  • Samosa Indian Vegetarian
  • Amma’s South Indian Cuisine
  • Thanal Indian Tavern

10. Indian restaurant in Atlanta, USA

  • Botiwalla
  • Jai Ho at Krog – Indian Kitchen
  • Aamar Indian Cuisine
  • Chai Pani
  • Bhojanic
  • Cafe Bombay
  • Blue India Atlanta
  • Haveli Indian Cuisine

11. Indian restaurant in Niagara falls

  • Virsa Fine Indian Cuisine
  • Moksha Indian Bistro
  • Curry Queen Indian Cuisine
  • Cheetal Indian Cuisine
  • Rangla Punjab Indian Restaurant

B. Is there a Vikas Khanna restaurant in the US?

Junoon, The restaurant is located in Manhattan in New York City.  Vikas Khanna Is one of the Celebrity chefs in India. He is a Michelin Star Chef. In 2009, Vikas founded the restaurant with Delhi-born entrepreneur Rajesh Bhardwaj in New York. There is a three-month waitlist for the restaurant, which spans more than 25,000 square feet in the heart of Manhattan.

C. Is there a Michelin-starred Indian restaurant in the United States?

Yes, Michelin-starred Indian restaurants in the United States are –

  • Junoon, New York City
  • Rasa, California
  • Crompton Palace, San Francisco

D. Which Indian restaurant in the United States is the most expensive?

Junoon, the Best in the NewYork city is one of the most Expensive Restaurants in the USA. Price range is Rs 2500 – Rs 4000.

E. Which Indian restaurant is the oldest in the USA?

Curry India is one of the oldest Restaurants in the USA. It is Located In the Heart Of Newyork City In the Times Square Area. A pioneer of Indian cuisine in New York City, it was established in 1915.

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