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Tundey kabab is the Most famous food of Uttar Pradesh from Lucknow City. Uttar Pradesh Cuisine has divided into many regional cuisines. Awadh is one of them. It is an Old name of Lucknow, This cuisine is known as Awadhi Cuisine. Awadhi food has a reflection of Mughal cuisine. Kebabs from Uttar Pradesh are very popular in the country

Especially Lucknowi Biryani, Tundey Kebab, Galawati Kebab, and Kakori Kebab from Awadhi cuisine. Lucknow is Popular for its dialects and kebab dishes in entire India. We can experience royal food from Uttar Pradesh cuisine. Uttar Pradesh has an amazing history of the Mughal kingdom. That reflects on its traditional dishes.

Uttar Pradesh cuisine has many popular dishes from, Kanpur and Agra cuisine. Pethe is one of them. Agara ke Pethe is a very famous sweet dish in entire India. Roti is a staple food in Uttar Pradesh. Here we have listed down 11 famous food of Uttar Pradesh.

List of 10 Famous food of Uttar Pradesh

1. Tunday Kebab

Tunday kabab is famous dish of Uttar Pradesh. It is a Synonym for Lucknow City. This kebab is extremely soft and melts in your mouth. Origin of Tunday kebab has an amazing story. In the 17th century one nawab who is unable to chew the food looking for such a non-veg dish that can amaze his taste buds and easy to chew. And this Tunday kebabs came into existence. This kebab is prepared with lamb or buffalo meat with special Indian species.

Famous Food of Uttar Pradesh

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2. Galawati Kebab/Galouti Kebab

Galawati kebab is another royal delicacy from Uttar Pradesh food. It belongs to Awadhi cuisine. This mouth-watering dish is extremely delicious. Prepared with the meat kebab with other special spices. Kebab is so soft its dissolves in your mouth within minutes. One of the amazing food recipes from Uttar Pradesh Cuisine for Non-vegetarians.

3. Lucknowi Biryani

if you are a biryani lover, you must try royal Biryani from Lucknow. After Hyderabadi Biryani, Lucknowi biryani is very popular in the country. This Biryani has the ingredient of cashew nut paste, saffron, curd, & other Indian spices to bring a royal food experience. Prepared with mutton or chicken, amaze your taste buds with its unique flavour.

4. Tehri

Tehari Staple food of Uttar Pradesh. Tehri is similar to Pulao. But it is a very rustic dish. It is a very simple & Easy to Make one-pot dish. If you in a hurry and lazy food, this recipe for you. Rice is cooked with vegetables like cauliflower, carrots, Peas, and Potatoes. It is a full meal, generally served in lunch or dinner. It is eaten hot with Curd or pickles

5. Nargisi Kofta

Another exotic food from the Mughal cuisine. It is also known as Indian scotch eggs. This is the famous Non-vegetarian dish of Uttar Pradesh. The dish is made with Mutton Keema & Eggs. An egg is stuffed into the mutton keema Paste. Later one this dish is deep-fried and cooked in Gravy. Tomato Purée, Dry fruits are used for the preparation of this royal dish. This food is quite popular during Ramzan

6. Sheermal

Shreemal is one kind of Naan (Flat Bread). One of the famous foods from Awadhi Cuisine. It is Little Sweet in taste with Saffron Flavoured. It is a Traditional food of Uttar Pradesh. This Indian flatbread is eaten hot with Veg or Non-veg Recipes.

7. Petha

Petha is a sweet dish from Uttar Pradesh. This cube shape sweet is made with Ash gourd. Petha is a famous sweet in belong to the Agra and Mathura area of Uttar Pradesh. This delicious sweet dish will amaze your taste buds. These dry sweets are very popular in the entire country.

8. Rasmalai

Rasmalai is a popular sweet delicacy in entire India. Every Sweet Shops is incomplete without this sweet. Rasmalai is Made with Indian Cottage cheese or chhena. A very soft and fluffy dish is served with chilled thickened Milk. Rasmali is garnished with Dry fruits and eaten cold.

9. Khurchan

Khurchan is similar to Rabri. This delicious sweet dish is made from Milk. The top layers are a bit crisp and the bottom layer is soft. The dish is Made with Milk, Pistachios, Almonds, cardamom, and Sugar.

10. Shahi Tukda

One of the Most Popular Sweet from the State. Sahi means royal & Tukda means piece. This Sweet dish has Royal Texture. It is a Royal Mughlai dessert made with bread, Sugar Syrup, Rabri. Garnished with dry fruits makes this dish amazing.

11. Lal Peda

Lal peda is a popular sweet dish from Mathura. Mathura is a place famous for its Pede. This Delectable sweet dish is made from cream, Rose essence, cardamom, and Ghee. Very famous sweet dish, easily available at every sweet shop

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