20 Famous Food of Punjab | Punjabi Dishes

Famous food of Punjab: Punjab has given many famous dishes to India.

The foods of Punjab are popular all over the world.  

Indians are familiar with the staple foods of Punjab such as butter chicken, chicken Tikka, Paneer Tikka, lassi, chole, and rajma Chawal.   

Punjabi cuisine includes wheat, Leafy vegetable, milk product, and Rice.

Chicken-based Dishes are Very Popular in Punjab.

The Amritsar City of Punjab is popular for its milk products.

Roti or paratha is Incomplete without Ghee or Butter.

You can find Tandoori foods of Punjab in International Cuisine.

Punjabis are globally known for their lifestyle & delicious food list.

Famous Dish of Punjab

List of 20 Famous Food of Punjab

1. Dal Makhani

It is an Authentic recipe from Punjab. Dal Makhani is an amazing dish made of Lentils. Whole black Lentils (Black DAL or Kaali dal ) are used for the Preparation of this dish. It is a gravy dish combined with kidney beans with butter. This Delicious & amazing Punjabi dish definitely satisfies your taste buds. Dal Makhani is an extremely healthy dish, it is consumed with Hot Rice.

2. Paneer Tikka

Tikka means a piece of meat or vegetarian food that is first marinated with a special kind of spices. Then it is cooked in tandoor. In the case of paneer tikka, Paneer & other vegetables are used in this dish. Paneer is a famous delicacy among vegetarians. It is a must-have dish in any kind of celebration, wedding, and function in India. It is a very famous dish of Punjab.

3. Rajma Chawal

A dish made of Kidney beans. It is an authentic dish of Punjab. This delicious dish is a staple food of Punjab. The dish is prepared with soaked kidney beans & herbs. Mostly served with hot Chawal means Steamed Rice and Pickles. Rajma Chawal is the most famous dish in Punjab and North India.

4. Chole

Chole is another famous dish in Punjab. Chole Kulche, Chole Bhature, Rice Chole. It is a famous dish in north India. Chole is the popular street food of Punjab and Delhi, Haryana. This delicious food is made with Chickpeas. You can find variations of chole in the region. This thick gravy spicy dish is the Staple food of Punjab.

5. Chole-Bhature

Chole is a dish prepared with chickpeas and Indian spices. It is spicy & Tangy in flavor. Bhature is a special kind of Indian, fluffy bread, but different from “puri”. It is made with all-purpose flour (maida). Chole Bhature is another staple food of Punjab. This tasty & delicious dish is very popular in north India. It is easily available in any restaurant & street food vendor.

6. Butter Chicken

The list of the famous dish of Punjab is incomplete without this food. Butter chicken is one of the delicious dishes of Punjab. It has already gained popularity at the international level. This Chicken based dish is prepared with thick gravy & butter. It is served with Roti or Rice.

7. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is another Mouthwatering dish from Punjab. Small pieces of marinated chicken are cooked in tandoor with the help of skewers. Marination is important in this dish. That brings the actual taste of the food. Marination is done with yogurt & special tandoori masala. It is mostly consumed as a starter.

8. Amritsari Fish

It is a dish from Amritsar, the city of Punjab. You can say it is the “Amritsari” style of cooking fish. It is also popular street food in the city. It is famous as an appetizer. Freshwater fish is used in this recipe. Marination of fish is done with gram flour with spices. This dish is also famous in the name of ” Amritsari Macchi”. the famous dish of Punjab for Non-vegetarian.

9. Kulcha

Kulcha is a Special kind of Indian bread. It is leavened flatbread. This delicious dish is made with all-purpose flour, Salt & leavening elements. Many Punjabi dishes have a combination with kulcha. Kulche is famous bread from Punjab & North India. Instead of water, milk or Yogurt is also used to knead the dough.

10. Masala Channa

Masala Chana is a unique & simple chickpeas dish. Chickpeas are prepared with potatoes, onions, tomatoes & other Spices. It could be dry or Gravy.

11. Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha is a Popular Stuffed Indian Bread. It is also a famous breakfast in north India. Aloo Paratha is prepared with wheat flour stuffed with mashed potatoes, green chilis, coriander, salt & chillis. The topping did with butter & served with curd, chutneys, or pickles. One of the healthiest food from Punjab cuisine.

12. Gobhi-Gajaar Achaar

If you love pickles. These amazing vegetable pickles are for you from Punjab. Pickles made with cauliflower, turnip & carrot. This is spicy and sour in flavor. It gives a unique taste to your soul with paratha

13. Sarson Ka Saag

If we talk about a famous dish of Punjab. Sarson Ka Saag is one of them. It is a leaf of the mustard plant. Light & healthy dish popular in every household in Punjab. The leaf is prepared with little spice. Mostly consumed with “Makke Ki Roti.’

14. Makke Ki Roti

Makke Ki Roti is Indian bread made with cornflour. It is the Most Famous food from Punjab. Makke ki roti is Consumed with Sarsaon ka Saag.

15. Lassi

Lassi is the pride of Punjab. It is a by-product of Milk. Lassi is a popular body cooler drink in India. It’s very popular during summer. Lassi is thick in texture and served variously in the entire country. Easily available in any restaurant, or café during summer. This famous dish of Punjab is fantastic for health.

16. Shakkar Para

Shakkar Para is a popular snack in Punjab. It is a byte size of a sugar cookie. It is popular in India during festivals. This food is ready-to-eat food. Shakkar para is prepared with all-purpose flour. it can be stored for a longer duration.

17. Phirni

This is a sweet dish from Punjab. Phirni is a dessert prepared with rice & Milk. Commonly used during festivals in the country. It’s served cold with clay pots. Nuts are also used to enhance the taste.

18. Masala Channa

Masala Chana is another famous dish of Punjab. It is a unique & simple chickpeas dish. Chickpeas are prepared with potatoes, onions, tomatoes & other Spices. It could be dry or Gravy.

19. Kadhi Chaawal

Kadhi Chawal is another delectable dish from Punjab cuisine. Kadhi is a gravy dish made with Besan, Curd & Spices. Eaten with hot rice & Ghee. This Tangy flavor dish is very popular in north India. “Pakora” is a gram flour dumpling with onions, also used in this dish. It is also a traditional food of Punjab.

20. Bhatti-Da-Murg

Marinated chicken leg pieces are grilled on charcoal Bhatti. Chicken marination is an important part of the dish. Marinated Chicken Pieces are kept full night. This is the popular street food of the city. It is one of the Famous chicken dishes of Punjab.

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