Famous Food of Odisha | Top 22 Odisha Food

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The famous food of Odisha includes many Sweet dishes, & Seafood recipes. The traditional cuisine of Odisha has a Wide range of food like Rasgulla, Chhen Jhilli, Chaula Bara, Pakhala Bhata, etc.

The cuisine of Odisha has been influenced by the Cuisine of North & South India.

The food of Odisha is Very Simple & Delicious. Less Usage of Oil & Spices in food makes it extremely healthy. I am sure Odisha Food will delight your taste buds with its unique food culture.

Odisha is a popular state in India. Odisha is Known for Lord Jagannath’s “Rath Yatra” festival. Chhapan Bhog (56 food items) is also offered to Lord Jagannath during this Festival. This is Also known as Mahaprasad. Mahaprasd is one of the famous dishes of Odisha.

List of 15 Famous Food of Odisha

1. Dalma

Dalma is one of the famous food of the State. This is extremely tasty & healthy food. Dalma is prepared with Toor dal, Chana Dal, Pumpkin, brinjal & Other seasonal vegetables.

Quite Popular during Winter. Habisha dalma is a kind of Dalma. Being a lentil-based food, this local food is very good for health. Locals love to eat it with rice.

2. Chhena Poda

Chhena means paneer. It is a Paneer-based Sweet dish from Odisha cuisine. The texture & appearance looks very similar to baked Spong cake. But this Dessert is unique & Distinct.

This Food is also called Paneer cake. Dessert is prepared with semolina, ghee & other dry fruits. It is believed that this dish is a favourite dish of Lord Jagannath. it is one of the best food in Odisha.

3. Poda Pitha

Poda Pitha is Another famous sweet dish from Odisha. It is a pancake & traditional food. This sweet dish is prepared with Urad dal, Jaggery & Coconut, and rice flour. Milk & Dry fruits etc.

it is mostly prepared during the Raja Parba festival of Odisha to Serve Lord Jagannath. It is eaten in hot as well as cold forms.

4. Manda

It is a famous food of Odisha. Popular during monsoon & Festivals. It is a rice flour dumpling. This is a steamed cooked delicacy. Rice flour balls are stuffed with a mixture made of Jaggery & Grated coconut. This food is similar to Modak from Maharashtra. Dish is popular in Gurubar Puja.

5. Kanika

Kanika has a special Place in Odisha Cuisine. It is one of The important food on the 56 blog food list that is served to Lord Jagannath. This food is a sweet pulao.

This delicacy is prepared with aromatic basmati rice and Dry fruits. Most of the temples offered this as Mahaprasad. it has amazing taste. it is the best food in Odisha.

6. Santula

Santula is a very Simple & Extremely healthy dish. Vegan people will love this food.it is steamed vegetable curry food. The dish is available either in fried or boiled form. Food is prepared Potato, raw papaya, tomato, brinjal, green peas with other spices, etc. Vegetables are boiled than sauté.it is served with hot rice.

7. Chaatu Besara Rai

Chhatu Besara rai is a Mushroom based Odisha Dish. This delicacy is famous in every household in Odisha. Mushroom is prepared with Mustard paste, vegetables & Other Spices. This delicious tangy flavor dish will make your day.

8. Kadali Manja Rai

Kadali Manja rai is the Traditional food of Odisha. Manja Means Stem &Rai refers to Mustard. Banana stem & Rai paste are used to prepare this dish. Very Popular in a local household. Another Vegan dish from Oisha Cuisine.

9. Mudhi Mansa

This food is a Unique & distinct dish from Odisha Cuisine. Meat is made with puffed rice. Mudhi Means Puffed rice – also Known as Murra or Parmal in other parts of the country.

Mansa Means Meat in odia Lanaguge. Thick Gravy-based meat is prepared with Tomatoes, onions & Other spices. Then it is served with Crunchy Puffed rice. This amazing combination relishes your taste buds.

10. Macha Ghanta -a Popular Dish of Odisha

Macha Ghanta is one of the most famous food from Odisha. This non-vegetarian food is a fish curry dish. Fish is prepared with Vegetables in this food. The meaning of Ghanta I Mix. Must-Have a dish during Durga pooja or Dussehra. Mostly head of fish is used to prepare this recipe.

11. Chungdi Malai

Chungdi Malai is a Non-vegetarian dish of Odisha cuisine. It is an Odisha Prawn Curry dish. Every prawn lover must go for this Odisha-style Cooking for Prawn curry recipe. This thick gravy dish is one of the Most Lovable Seafood dishes of Odisha.

Chungadi malai is a thick gravy recipe made with marinated Prawns. Marination is done with Ginger garlic paste. coriander and other spices. Later, it is cooked with Tomatoes, Onion, and other Ingredients. Gravy is made with Coconut and Curd.

That makes this dish more unique. Food is served with hot steamed rice or Roti.

12. Aloo Potala Rasa

Potala is the name of Parval in the Local Langauge of Odisha. In English, it is known as a pointed gourd. This is a spicy and thick gravy dish made of Potatoes and pointed Gourd.

It is a traditional dish of Odisha. This dish is specially Prepared with Mustard oil. The aroma of Mustard oil makes this dish distinct and More unique. Aloo and Parval are cooked with coconut and Peppy seeds with other Indian spices.

The gravy of this dish is so tempting you cannot ignore stopping yourself to taste this Spicey delicacy. This is eaten with hot steamed rice or Roti( flat Indian bread.

13. Pakhala Bhata

Pakhala Bhata is one of the Signature dishes of Odisha. This food is served in Lord Jagganath Temple. You can find this food everywhere. It is one of the popular street food in Odisha.

This simple dish is very common in every household in Odisha. Pakhala Bhata is a very simple rice and Curd dish. In this recipe, rice fermentation is very important. For that, rice is put in water overnight. Fermented rice is easy to digest and good for digestion.

Locals mostly consumed this dish during summer. It acts cooler for the body. This food is popular in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Assam, and West Bengal Too. It is eaten with fried vegetables like Potatoes, Brinjal, Badi, etc.

14. Chaula Bara

Bolangir is the Cultural hub of Odisha. If you are in Bolangir “ Chaula Bara” can’t be ignored. Food is a signature dish of Bolangir. This is a deep-fried snack, and It is an important part of Odisha food and Culture.

It is the Popular Street food of Odisha (western). Chaula Bara is Made with Rice, Urad dal, onion, and Chaula Bara Other Indian Spices. This Deep fried snack is served with chutney.

The two most common and popular chutneys are used, i.e. Tentel Jhol ( Made of Tamarind) and Patalganta chutney (Tomato Chutney). Food is served hot with tangy chutney and Green chilis.

15. Kadali Manja Rai

One of the unique dishes from Odisha. Kadali Manja means Banana stem and rai Represent Mustard. A dish prepared with Banana Stem and Special Mustard paste.

This is one of the healthiest food from Odisha Cuisine. The banana Stem is cooked with a Special mustard paste. That Is prepared with Garlic and other Indian spices. This dish is mostly consumed with rice or roti. Food is very light and easy to cook.

16. Palua Ladu

Palua is a Sweet and Delicious dessert from Odisha Cuisine. It is an Arrowroot. This food originated from the Bhadrak district of Odisha. Powder of Arrowroot is used for This dish.

That is prepared from The Roots of The Plants. This powder is used in many dishes to improve the texture of the dish. It is one of the oldest recipes of Odisha.

This is made with Palau, Khoya, dry fruits, ghee, etc. A small size ball is prepared after mixing the required ingredient. After that, this dough ball is Deeply fried. This sweet dish is eaten cool.

17. Chhena Jhili

Chhena Jhilli is a Sweet dish of Odisha. This delicious dessert is a Popular dish of the Nimpada. That belongs to the “Puri” district. This sweet dish is not only Tasty but very easy to make.

Chhena Jhilli is Made of Chhena i.e Paneer or Cottage Cheese. Prepare the Small Size Ball with the Mix of Chhena and Maida.

This Ball-shaped dough was later deep-fried in Oil or Ghee. After that, this fried ball is put into the sugar syrup. This sweetened dish is very much among all age groups. Food is mostly consumed hot.

18. Rasabali

Rasabali is a classic sweet dessert from Odisha Cuisine. This famous food of Odisha is One of The 56 Bhog offered to Lord Jagannath Temple.

It is very soft and easy to cook, and a dish loved by all age groups. This sweet delicacy is a special dish for Lord Baladejew. That is Situated in Kendrapara.

It is believed that this dish originated from this place only. Rasabali is made of Cottage cheese or Chenna. Fried chenna is Soaked with Rabari (sweetened milk). The usage of Cardamom enhances the taste of this sweet delicacy. It is mostly consumed cold.

19. Kora Khai

Kora Khai is Sweet and Crunchy food that has religious sentiment. This food is served as a “Prasad” In the Temple of Odisha. So this food is very close to Hindu family life and culture.

It is the prasad of Lord Lingraj. Kora Khai is made with Pupped Rice, Jaggery, Coconut, ghee, etc. caramelization is a very important process in this dish.

The unique taste of this dish a lot depends on the proper caramelization. Popular among children. This famous dish is easily available in a local retail shop.

20. Poda Pitha

Poda Pitha is Another famous sweet dish from Odisha. It is a pancake & traditional food. This sweet dish is prepared with Urad dal, Jaggery & Coconut, and rice flour. Milk & Dry fruits etc.

it is mostly prepared during the Raja Parba festival of Odisha to Serve Lord Jagannath. It is eaten in hot as well as cold forms.

21. Enduri Pitha

Enduir pitha is Another type of Pitha recipe from Odisha Cuisine. Mostly consumed during Manabasa Gurubara and Prathamstami. These steamed cooked Snacks are very light food and Good for health. This aromatic dish is very easy to cook.

Enduri Pitha is Made of Rice and Urad dal. A paste of Soaked rice and urad dal ( black lentils) are prepared. A mixture of coconut and jaggery is added to the paste.

The paste is put on the Turmeric leaves and cooked with steam. This traditional food of Odisha is amazing in taste. Instead of Turmeric leaves banana leaves are also used but you will miss that aroma.

22. Kakera Pitha

Like West Bengal, Odisha has an amazing range of Sweet dishes. Kakera Pitha is one of them. It is a famous sweet dish in Odisha. Kaera Pitha is also one of the dishes of the Indian temple.

It is offered to temple deities. This delicious sweet dish is made of Suji, Coconut, and other ingredients. It is a deep-fried sweet dish mostly consumed as Snacks and desserts.

It is popular among all age groups. This dish is served Hot or cold.

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