Kashmir Food -10 Famous Food of Kashmir

Here we have created list of famous food of Kashmir.

Rogan Josh, kahva, Dum Olav are the most famous food of Kashmir.

Most of area of Kashmir are snowbound, so it is difficult to cultivate food. That’s Why Meat is Popular food in Kashmir.

Meat And Rice are staple food of state.

Kashmir is known as the “paradise of earth “. It is a snow-laden area.

The effect of geography conditions can be seen in Kashmiri Cuisine.

Kashmir is also known for its Kashmiri Mirch.

Famous food of Kashmir

List of Top 10 Famous food of Kashmir

1. Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is famous food of Kashmir . This is the signature dish of Kashmiri cuisine. It’s also known as Roghan josh or Roghan Ghosht.

The dish is Made of Lamb or Goat. This aromatic Meat curry is made with yogurt, Kashmiri Mirch, and other spices. It served hot and eaten with rice or roti (Indian bread).

2. Modur Pulao

Modur Pulao is a Special Pulao dish from Kashmiri cuisine. It is the staple food of Kashmir. This aromatic sweet pulao is made with Basmati Rice.

This delicious Kashmiri food is prepared with Ghee and Fry fruits. It is garnished with saffron and cardamom that make it the most tempting food from Kashmir.

3. Dum Olav

Dum Olav is Dum alloo from Kashmir. Kashmiri dum alloo Dish is very well known in the country. Authentic Kashmiri dum alloo gives you an entirely different taste to your taste buds.

Baby potatoes are generally used to prepare this dish. Baby potatoes are cooked with yogurt and other spices. One of the most delicious potatoes-based Kashmir food.

4. Yakhni Lamb Curry

Yakhni lamb curry is the famous food of Kashmir. In this dish, Lamb is prepared in a special white gravy.

Special gravy is prepared with Yogurt, onion paste, Mawal flowers, and Dry Mint. Usage of green and Black cardamom increases your hunger. This low spicy delicious food is famous in a valley. It is served with rice or roti.

5. Goshtaba/Gushtaba

Another delicious Traditional food of Kashmir Due to the climate conditions of Kashmir, meat is very popular in the valley. Goshtaba is a famous meat dish from Kashmir cuisine.

It was the dish for the royal family of the valley. This royal dish consists of meatballs cooked in aromatic gravy made with yogurt and other spices.

It is served hot and eaten with rice or roti. A very famous dish in local ceremonies and functions in Kashmir.

6. Kahva

Kahva is the famous beverage of Kashmir. It is herbal tea. Kahva is an essential part of ceremonies and festivals.

Kahva is tea made with spices like saffron, almonds, walnut, etc. a lot of variety you can find in the tea. This hot tea is very good in the cool climate.

In some areas, it is known as “Maugal” Chai. Kahva healthy Drink from the Kashmir Cuisine.

7. Shab Deg/ Shab daig

Shab deg or Shab daig is a Traditional food of Kashmir. Shab means night & Daig means large cooking vessel.

This meat delicacy uses lamb or beef or chicken as the main ingredient. Meat is cooked with turnip and other spices on low flame overnight on charcoal fire.it is served with rice, roti or shreemal.

8. Aab Gosht

Aab Gosght is a staple food of Kashmir food. This is a Mutton curry dish. Mutton Pieces are cooked in Milk and Other spices.

This aromatic dish is Popular food in Jammu and Kashmir food culture. This authentic Mutton dish is relishing with hot rice. Aab gosht is important food during any celebrations and festivals.

9. Lyoder Tschaman

Lyoder Tschamna is Vegetarian Kashmir food. Lyoder means Yellow and Tschaman define Kashmiri cottage cheese. This dish is famous food among Kashmiri pandit. Yellow Gravy dish with Cottage Cheese Chunk And Paneer. Eaten with hot rice or Roti.

10. Kashmiri Muji Gaad

if You are looking for a Fish recipe from Kashmir cuisine, this dish for You. An amazing fish-based dish from Kashmir. It is also known ad Machhli mooli.

Very famous food at festivals and special occasions. Fish is prepared with Radish or Nadur. The dish has a unique combination of Veg & Non-veg ingredients.

Lotus stem is also used to enhance the taste. The flavor and aroma of the dish increase your hunger. The delicious dish is eaten with rice or roti.

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