20 Famous Food of Tamil Nadu

The Famous food of Tamil Nadu includes many vegetarian dishes. Tamil Nadu food has a great ancient history. The cuisine represents a great tradition of vegetarian dishes in India. The popular traditional dish of Tamil Nadu is “Virundhu Sappadu”. This complete meal is served on a banana leaf. The tradition of Serving food on Banana … Read more

17 Famous Food of Maharashtra | Maharashtra Food

This article covers all the famous foods of Maharashtra. Maharashtra cuisine can be divided into, coastal cuisine & plain area cuisine. A coastal cuisine includes food habits of Mumbai or the Konkan region. Kolhapur, Pune or you can say Vidharbha, Khandesh, Marathwada area belong to Plain Cuisine. Savji Masale is special food from Maharashtra Cuisine. … Read more

Top 20 Famous Food of Kerala | Kerala Food

Famous food of Kerala Include many Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes. Usage of Coconut is a prominent part of Kerala’s food. Kerala is know for its spices. Spices like cloves, Black pepper, ginger, cinnamon Plays important role in Kerala Dishes.The cuisine of Kerala is influenced by the cuisines of Malabar, Arab, and French. Being a … Read more

10 Famous Food of Karnataka | Karnataka Food

Famous food of Karnataka food uses coconut & rice-based dishes. North Karnataka cuisine is mainly Vegetarian food. On the other side, ragi is a staple food of South Karnataka. Mangalore Cuisine includes Non-vegetarian food, i.e. chicken meat. Being a Coastal area, fish is a staple food of Mangalore. In Udupi Cuisine, vegetarians foods are very … Read more

18 Famous Food of Goa | Goan Food

Famous food of Goa includes dishes Chicken Xacuti, Chicken Cafreall, Prawan Curry, Sorpotel, etc. Famous recipes Chicken Vindaloo and Sorpotel are the dishes from Portuguese Cuisine. Goan Cuisine has the influence of various cultures and Cuisine like Arabi, Portuguese, Malabar, Konkan. Coconut is an essential ingredient of Goan food. Most recipes include this ingredient. It … Read more

16 Famous Food of Andhra Pradesh

Rice is the staple food of Andhra Pradesh. Famous food of Andhra Pradesh includes rice, vegetables, cereals, fish, and meat. Andhra Food is famous for its spicy and tangy flavor. There are many varieties and diversity in Andhra Pradesh food. It has a rich cultural heritage. Being a City of Nawabs, the Influence of Royal … Read more