Famous Food of Nagaland | Nagaland Food

The List of famous food of Nagaland included Axone, Samathu, Zutho,Galho etc. Nagaland’s dishes are mostly oil-free and less spicy. This mountainous state has a special love for rice. Boiling or steaming is the most common method of cooking. Rice and Pork are a staple food for the Naga people. The traditional food of Nagaland … Read more

Famous Food of Sikkim | 19 Sikkimese food

List of Famous Food of Sikkim include the dish Phagshapa, Dhindo, Kinema ,Gundruk & Sinki, Sha Phaley, Gya Kho, Thenthuk, Sael Roti ,Makai Ka Jaanr, Masauyra Curry ,Kodo ki Roti,Shimi Ka Achar , Khuri, Dal Bhaat, Chhurpi Soup, Sikkim Tea ,Niguru With Churpi ,WachipaSikkimese cuisine includes dishes made of Bamboo shoots and mushrooms. In Sikkim, … Read more

15 Famous Food of Mizoram | Mizoram Food

The cuisine of Mizoram is also known as Mizo cuisine or Mizo food. Famous food of Mizoram includes delectable dishes i.e. Bai, Bamboo Shoot Fry, Bekang, Koat Pitha, etc. Zu is a popular local beverage in the State.Mizo people love to eat rice, fish, pork, beef, Meat, vegetables, and fermented food. Rice is a staple … Read more

15 Famous Food of Manipur | Manipur Food

This article will cover your search famous food of Manipur. here is the of 15 traditional food of Manipur. Most of the dishes are either boiled or steamed. Fish are the staple food of Manipur. Specially Fermented fish. You can find it in the form of includes majorly Rice, Fresh vegetables & Fish. List of … Read more

6 Famous food of Assam | Assamese food

List of Famous Food of Assam Maasor Tenga, Duck meat Curry, Khaar. Assamese cuisine includes rice, meat, pork, duck, fish & vegetable, etc. Silkworm Dish (Silkworm Pupae) is a unique & distinct dish from Assam. Bamboo shoots, Jack fruit, bananas, and Olives are also very popular in the state. Food of Assam includes hills & … Read more

12 Famous food of Arunachal Pradesh

Famous food of Arunachal Pradesh are Lukter, pasa, Nagtok,Wungwut. The traditional food of Arunachal Pradesh is from tribal cuisine. The staple food of the State includes rice, Pork, fish, meat & Local green vegetables.Bamboo shoots are one of the main ingredients of many local recipes. Veg & Non-veg food recipes are cooked with a combination … Read more