Top Indian ketchup brands in 2022

Ketchup is a popular food product in every household. Many Snacks like samosa, chips, Pizza etc are Incomplete with  Tomato ketchup.  The ketchup industry is one of the growing industries in the country. India is the 2nd largest country in the world after china for producing tomatoes.  In the global market, a 5% CAGR is … Read more

Top Indian Snacks brands -2022

There are Many Snacks Brands in the Indian food Market. Indian snack markets are dominated by many national, international, and local food brands. American food brands like PepsiCo are getting tough competition from Indian brands like Haldiram in this segment. Snacks brands of India are offering a wide range of food products like potato chips, … Read more

Metaverse and Food Industry

Metaverse is going to provide new dimensions to the food industry. The future of social media lies in the Metaverse. The use of social media websites has transformed the dynamic of Business in every industry. In a similar manner, the metaverse will revolutionize human life. Recently world most Popular Fast food joint MacDonald’s has filed … Read more

Food and Beverage Industry Sectors | F&B Sector

Sectors of the food & Beverage Industry are highly diverse. From the Production of food grains to Reaching the hand of Consumer, Multiple levels of Operation has been involved. Production, Transportation, Processing, Marketing, Distribution, and Packaging are just a few of the many sectors that the Industry has defined for every step of Operation. Source … Read more

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers in India

List of Top 7 commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in India-Jyoti Equipment’s, Royale Equipment ,Varsha Kitchen- Kolhapur etc. Companies are in Manufacturing of High-Quality Washing Equipment, Bakery Equipment, Cooking Equipment, Refrigeration Equipment, Preparation Equipment, Service counter, Trolling, and Racks. List of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers in India 1.Jyoti Equipment’s- Delhi This is a Delhi Based Company. … Read more