Open network for digital commerce(ONDC) & Food Delivery

The Internet is flooded with News of ONDC Food delivery. It has created buzz in the Indian Food Industry, for its cheap food price. So, Let’s dive more into this Platform & understand what more we can do with this government-initiated Digital Platform.

What is an Open network for digital commerce(ONDC)?

The ONDC is Open Network for Digital Commerce. It is a non-profit company created by the Government of India’s Department for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) to develop an open e-Commerce Market.

Established in April 2022, ONDC brings together various small and large e-commerce players with the aim of reducing the dominance of companies like Amazon and Flipkart in India.

The open network enables any network-enabled app to discover and engage in local commerce across significant segments such as grocery, food delivery, hotel booking, travel bookings, and more.

How Does ONDC Work?

ONDC functions differently from a standalone app available on the Play Store. Similar to a Payment app like UPI, it can be integrated into existing apps like Paytm etc. Users can also access it by visiting

Food delivery on ONDC Apps?

If you want to order food from the ONDC Platform. Currently, You have to use three apps, Paytm, Pincode, and MagicPin. Like other Food delivery apps in the market, you can order food here.

Paytm Users: In the Paytm app, users have to search for “ONDC” and select the “Food” option within the “ONDC Store.”

Magic Pin Customers: MagicPin app users will find the ONDC food delivery section on the homepage through a banner. It’s worth noting that MagicPin also has its own food delivery section, known for offering discounts, so be mindful of that to avoid confusion.

Magic Pin ONDC

Phone pe/Pin code Customers: Lastly, for Pincode either you can download the app or access it directly within their PhonePe app. This Service is exclusively available in Bangalore.

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