Geographical Indication (G.I.) Tags & Its Significance

Geographical Indication (GI) tags play a crucial role in safeguarding cultural heritage and promoting distinctive products. These tags serve as a mark of authenticity, linking products to their specific geographic regions.

In this blog, we delve into the significance of GI tags and explore how they contribute to the preservation and recognition of unique traditions and products.

What is the G.I. Tag?

The term GI stands for Geographical Indication, indicating the geographical origin of a product. It serves as a symbol to connect a product primarily with its place of origin. The GI tag effectively highlights the distinctive attributes of a product.

To put it simply, the GI tag reveals the specific location where a particular product is produced or manufactured.

It is exclusively bestowed upon products that possess unique characteristics exclusive to their respective regions, confirming that they are solely produced or made within that region.

The grant of the GI tag is facilitated by the Parliament of India, which enacted the “Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act” in 1999.

The process of awarding GI tags commenced in 2003, with the first tag being granted to Darjeeling tea from West Bengal in 2004.

What is the Advantage of GI of Tag?

The GI tag offers several advantages. It provides legal protection to products, preventing the use of the same name for other products in the market.

Additionally, the GI tag serves as a benchmark for the superior quality of a product, facilitating its accessibility not only in domestic markets but also in foreign markets.

In simpler terms, the GI tag opens doors to various benefits, ranging from employment opportunities to revenue growth for the product.

How to Get GI Tag?

To obtain a GI tag for a product, one must first complete the application process. Any individual producer or organization can apply for the GI tag under the Commerce Ministry of the Indian government, specifically through the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks (CGPDTM).

The CGPDTM evaluates the product based on the evidence against the relevant standards. Once the product meets the required standards, it is granted the GI tag.

It is important to note that the GI tag is valid for a period of 10 years, after which it can be renewed. Obtaining the GI tag enhances the value of the product and elevates the significance of the associated individuals.

It plays a crucial role in preventing counterfeit products and provides financial benefits to the stakeholders involved.

State Wise List of G.I Tags of Food & Agriculture Products of India

The tables provided below offer insights into the GI Tags assigned to agriculture and Food Products from different states of India. These tags not only safeguard products against unauthorized usage but also provide them with legal protection.

1Andhra PradeshTirupati LadduFoodstuff
2Andhra PradeshGuntur Sannam ChilliAgricultural
3Andhra PradeshBandar LadduFood Stuff
4Andhra PradeshBanganapalli MangoesAgricultural
5Andhra PradeshAraku Valley Arabica CoffeeAgricultural
6Arunachal Pradesh Arunachal OrangeAgricultural
7Assam Kaji NemuAgricultural
9Assam Assam Karbi Anglong GingerAgricultural
10Assam Tezpur LitchiAgricultural
11Assam Joha RiceAgricultural
12Assam Boka ChaulAgricultural
13Assam Kaji NemuAgricultural
14Assam Chokuwa RiceAgricultural
15Bihar Katarni RiceAgricultural
16Bihar Magahi PaanAgricultural
17Bihar Shahi LitchiAgricultural
18Bihar Silao KhajaFood Stuff
19Chhattisgarh JeeraphoolAgriculture
20Goa Khola ChilliAgricultural
21Goa FenniManufactured
22Goa Khola ChilliAgricultural
23Gujarat Gir Kesar MangoAgricultural
24Gujarat Bhalia WheatAgricultural
25Haryana  BasmatiAgricultural
26Himachal Pradesh Kangra TeaAgricultural
27Himachal Pradesh BasmatiAgricultural
28Himachal Pradesh Himachali Kaala ZeeraAgricultural
29J & K Kashmir SaffronAgriculture
30J & K BasmatiAgricultural
31J & K Kashmir SaffronAgricultural
32Karnataka Gulbarga Tur DalAgricultural
33Karnataka Byadgi chilliAgriculture
34Karnataka Bangalore Blue GrapesAgriculture
35Karnataka Mysore PakSweets
36Karnataka Bangalore Rose OnionAgriculture
37Karnataka Coorg orangeAgriculture
38Karnataka Mysore betel leafAgricultural
39Karnataka Nanjanagud BananaAgricultural
40Karnataka Mysore JasmineAgricultural
41Karnataka Udupi JasmineAgricultural
42Karnataka Hadagali JasmineAgricultural
43Karnataka Monsooned Malabar Arabica CoffeeAgricultural
44Karnataka Monsooned Malabar Robusta CoffeeAgricultural
45Karnataka Coorg Green CardamomAgricultural
46Karnataka Dharwad PedhaFoodstuff
47Karnataka Coorg OrangeAgricultural
48Karnataka Malabar PepperAgricultural
49Karnataka Devanahalli PomelloAgricultural
50Karnataka Appemidi MangoAgricultural
51Karnataka Kamalapur Red BananaAgricultural
52Karnataka Udupi Mattu Gulla BrinjalAgricultural
53Karnataka Coorg Arabica CoffeeAgricultural
54Karnataka Chikmagalur Arabica CoffeeAgricultural
55Karnataka Bababudangiris Arabica CoffeeAgricultural
56Karnataka Sirsi SupariAgricultural
57Karnataka Gulbarga Tur DalAgricultural
58Kerala Tirur Betel Leaf (Tirur Vettila)Agricultural
59Kerala Central Travancore JaggeryAgricultural
60Kerala Chengalikodan BananaAgriculture
61Kerala Pokkali RiceAgriculture
62Kerala Vazhakulam PineappleAgriculture
63Kerala Wayanad Gandhakasala RiceAgriculture
64Kerala Wayanad Jeerakasala RiceAgriculture
65Kerala Navara rice AgriculturalAgriculture
66Kerala Palakkadan Matta RiceAgriculture
67Kerala Spices Alleppey Green CardamomAgriculture
68Kerala Malabar PepperAgriculture
69Kerala Monsooned Malabar Arabica CoffeeAgriculture
70Kerala Monsooned Malabar Robusta CoffeeAgriculture
71Kerala Kaipad RiceAgriculture
72Kerala Nilambur TeakAgricultural
73Kerala Wayanad Robusta CoffeeAgricultural
74Kerala Marayoor Jaggery( Marayoor Sharkara)Agricultural
75Kerala Tirur Betel Leaf( Tirur Vettila)Agricultural
76Kerala Alleppey Green CardamomAgricultural
78Madhya Pradesh Geographical IndicationType
79Madhya Pradesh Nagpur OrangeAgriculture
80Madhya Pradesh Ratlami SevFood Stuff
81Madhya Pradesh Bagh Prints LogoFood Stuff
82Madhya Pradesh Jhabua Kadaknath Black Chicken MeatFood Stuff
83Madhya Pradesh Chinnor Rice GI Tag Rice | Food
85Maharashtra Geographical IndicationType
86Maharashtra Nagpur OrangeAgricultural
87Maharashtra Mahabaleshwar StrawberryAgricultural
88Maharashtra Nashik GrapesAgricultural
89Maharashtra Nashik GrapesAgricultural
90Maharashtra Kolhapur JaggeryAgricultural
91Maharashtra Ajara Ghansal RiceAgricutural
92Maharashtra Mangalwedha JowarAgricultural
93Maharashtra Sindhudurg & Ratnagiri KokumAgricultural
94Maharashtra Waghya GhevadaAgricultural
95Maharashtra Navapur Tur DalAgricultural
96Maharashtra Vengurla CashewAgricultural
97Maharashtra Lasalgaon OnionAgricultural
98Maharashtra Sangli RaisinsAgricultural
99Maharashtra Beed Custard AppleAgricultural
100Maharashtra Jalna Sweet OrangeAgricultural
101Maharashtra Waigaon TurmericAgricultural
102Maharashtra Purandar FigAgricultural
103Maharashtra Jalgaon Bharit BrinjalAgricultural
104Maharashtra Solapur PomegranateAgricultural
105Maharashtra Bhiwapur ChilliAgricultural
106Maharashtra Ambemohar RiceAgricultural
107Maharashtra Dahanu Gholvad ChikooAgricultural
108Maharashtra Jalgaon BananaAgricultural
109Maharashtra Marathwada Kesar MangoAgricultural
110Maharashtra AlphonsoAgricultural
111Maharashtra Sangli TurmericAgricultural
112Manipur Geographical IndicationType
113Manipur Shaphee LanpheeTextile
114Manipur Wangkhei PheeTextile
115Manipur Moirang PheeTextile
116Manipur Kachai LemonAgricultural
117Manipur Chak HaoAgricultural
118Manipur Judima WinesBeverage
119Manipur Sirarakhing Chili Agriculture
120Manipur Red OrangesAgriculture
121Meghalaya Khasi MandarinAgricultural
122Meghalaya Memong NarangAgricultural
123Mizoram Mizo ChilliAgricultural
124Mizoram PawndumHandicraft
125Mizoram NgotekherhHandicraft
126Mizoram HmaramHandicraft
127Mizoram TawlhlohpuanHandicraft
128Mizoram Mizo PuancheiHandicraft
129Nagaland Geographical IndicationType
130Nagaland Naga MirchaAgricultural
131Nagaland Naga Tree TomatoAgricultural
132Nagaland Chakshesang ShawlHandicraft
133Odisha Kandhamal HaladiAgricultural
134Odisha Geographical IndicationType
135Odisha Ganjam Kewda RoohAgricultural
136Odisha Ganjam Kewda FlowerAgricultural
137Odisha Kandhamal HaladiAgricultural
138Odisha Odisha RasagollaFood Stuff
139Punjab Geographical IndicationType
140Punjab BasmatiAgricultural
141Rajasthan Sojat Mehndi Agricultual
142Tamil Nadu Kodaikanal Malai PoonduAgricultural
143Tamil Nadu Swamimalai Bronze IconsAgricultural
144Tamil Nadu Thanjavur Doll HandicraftHandicraft
145Tamil Nadu Nilgiri(Orthodox) LogoAgricultural
146Tamil Nadu Virupakshi Hill BananaAgricultural
147Tamil Nadu Sirumalai Hill BananaAgricultural
148Tamil Nadu Madurai MalliAgricultural
149Tamil Nadu Malabar PepperAgricultural
150Tamil Nadu Erode Manjal(Erode Turmeric)Agricultural
151Tamil Nadu Kodaikanal Malai PoonduAgricultural
152Tamil Nadu Palani PanchamirthamFood Stuff
153Tamil Nadu Kandangi SareesHandicraft
154Tamil Nadu Sirivilliputtur PalakovaFoodstuff
155Tamil Nadu Kovilpatti Kadalai MittaiFoodstuff
156Tamil Nadu Kanniyakumari CloveFoodstuff
157Telangana Hyderabadi HaleemFoodstuff
158Telangana Banaganapalle MangoesAgricultural
159Tripura Tripura Queen PineapplesAgricultural
160Uttar Pradesh Allahabad SurkhaAgricultural
161Uttar Pradesh Mango Malihabadi DusseheriAgricultural
162Uttar Pradesh Kalanamak RiceAgricultural
163Uttar Pradesh Agra PethaSweets
164Uttar Pradesh Mathura PedaSweets
165Uttar Pradesh BasmatiAgricultural
166Uttarakhand BasmatiAgricultural
167West BengalDarjeeling Tea (word & logo)Agricultural
168West BengalLaxman Bhog MangoAgricultural
169West BengalHimsagar(Khirsapati Mango)Agricultural
170West BengalFazli MangoAgricultural
171West BengalJoynagar MoaFoodstuff
172West BengalBardhaman SitabhogFoodstuff
173West BengalBardhaman MihidanaFoodstuff
174West BengalGobindobhog RiceAgricultural
175West BengalTulapanji RiceAgricultural
176West BengalBangla RasogollaFoodstuff

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1. How many GI Tags Products are in India in 2023

India has 432 G.I Tags products in 2023.

2. Where can I get a complete list of GI Tags Products of India?

Here, You can download the PDF of the complete product list.

3 . Which States has the Maximum Number of GI Tags Products in Food & Agriculture?

Maharastra & Karnataka both have 26 Products

4. How can I do registration for GI Tags?

You can visit this official Government website To know more about the Process & other details.

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