Famous Food of Mizoram | 15 Popular Mizoram Food

About Mizoram Food

Famous food of Mizoram includes delectable dishes i.e. Bai, Bamboo Shoot Fry, Bekang, Koat Pitha, etc. Mizoram food is a combo of Chinese and North Indian food. Many Popular dishes are served on Banana leaves in the traditional way. Bamboo shoots are a popular food in the State.

Zu is a popular local beverage in the State. Mizo people love to eat rice, fish, pork, beef, Meat, vegetables, and fermented food.

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What is the Name of the Famous Food of Mizoram?

Here we have listed 15 famous Mizoram food.

1. Bai

If we talk about the most Popular dishes from Nagaland Cuisine, “Bai” is one of them. Bai is Prepared with Pork, Bamshoots & Steamed Vegetables. Local Spices & herbs are used to enhance the taste. Very Common & Popular dish of State. This dish is also available in the form of soup.

2. Vawksa Rep

Another Popular dish is based on pork from Nagaland. Pork is prepared with local herbs & spices. Cube-shaped pork is used. Which is generally grilled in hot flame & Smoke. Its smoke flavour gives a unique taste to your taste buds.

3. Bamboo Shoot Fry

Bamboo shoots are popular vegetables in the northeast region. Fried Bamboo shoots are prepared with local herbs & Spices with other vegetables and shitake mushrooms. This dish is good for health & Diet.

4. Panch Phoron Tarkari

Paaccnh Phoron Tarkari is also popular in Mizoram, like Nagaland. Paanch Phoron means five spices & Tarkari means vegetables. The name itself signifies vegetables prepared with five different species this food is available in both veg & non-veg version.

5. Koat Pitha

This dish is made from rice. Rice four & banana are used to prepare this dish. Fish is also used in this recipe.
This deep-fried dish looks crispy on the outside & soft, and spongy inside. This little sweet food is generally served as a snack with hot tea.

6. Chhum Han

extremely healthy & light food for all health-conscious people. It also helps you if you are dieting. This vegetarian food is made with a vegetable. Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli & carrot, etc. are steamed & cooked with tomatoes & ginger.

7. Misa Mach Poora

if you are looking for a shrimp-based dish from Mizoram cuisine, this food is for you. Shrimps are grilled & cooked with mustard oil. Other ingredients like lemon juice, Orange zest & Spices are also used. Usage of lemon gives a tangy flavour to this dish.

8. Sanpiau

if you visit any city, you can’t ignore the street food. Sanipau is one of the most popular street food in Mizoram. This dish is prepared with rice porridge & garnished with coriander, spring onions & black paper, etc.

9. Hmarcha Rawt

Another name was added to the list of northeast chutney. Chutney is made from green chillis. This chutney is prepared with roasted chilies. After roasting, thick pasted is prepared with other ingredients. This lip-smacking chutney is served with rice, Parathas, or cheela.

10. ZU

Local alcoholic beverage – It is the beer of Mizoram. Its name is ZU. This is made with Rice, Miller, or Maize. Zu has three 3 variations in the market. They know as Rakzu, Zufang, Zupui.

11. Artui Chhipchhuan Chow

Interested in Noodles-based famous dishes of Mizoram. Artui Chhipchhuan chow comes on the list. It is very food popular in Nagaland. Noodles are prepared with vegetables & Spices. Then Food is served with a sunny side-up fried egg. One of the most popular foods of Mizoram

12. Chhangban

It is the local bread of Mizoram. Made from sticky local rice. Used in lunch and dinner with vegetables or sauces.

13. Mizo Dal and Eggs

Mizo dal & Eggs is the recipe for Dal & Eggs. A unique combination. Very healthy & Nutritious dish. Full of Protein. This dish is Excellent for fitness freaks. Boiled Dal is again cooked with Tomatoes, ginger, garlic, coriander & Other spices. After that, boiled eggs are added to the fried dal. Generally served with hot rice & Pickle.

14. Sawhchiar

The saw chair is a Non-vegetarian Stew. One of the most famous foods of Mizoram. This is made of pork, chicken, or mutton. Rice & Meat are boiled together with spices & herbs. Quite Popular during special events. Served hot

15. Bekang

Bekang is an Akhuni. It is fermented soybean. This is a very popular ingredient in Mizoram cuisine. It has a very strong smell. This is added to many dishes to enhance the taste of the food. It is a famous food of Mizoram.

About Mizo Cuisine:

The cuisine of Mizoram is also known as Mizo cuisine or Mizo food. Rice is a staple food of Mizoram. Locals love to eat rice with fish and non-vegetarian.

The usage of Mustard oil makes the food distinct and flavour full. Popular dishes are mostly boiled or steamed cooked. The food of Mizoram is not much spicy.


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