Famous Food of Mizoram to Tickle Your Taste Buds

The famous food of Mizoram showcases a delightful blend of Chinese and North Indian cuisine, resulting in a unique and flavorful gastronomic experience.

Let’s explore some of the most popular Mizoram dishes that grace the tables of Mizoram’s households and restaurants.

Name of the Famous Food of Mizoram

Rice is the staple food of Mizoram, and it is often accompanied by a variety of meat, fish, and vegetable dishes.

Here is the Name of the famous food in Mizoram.

  • Bai
  • Vawksa Rep A Pork Lover’s Delight:
  • Bamboo Shoot Fry A Healthy Treat
  • Panch Phoron Tarkari
  • Koat Pitha
  • Chhum Han A Healthy and Light Vegetarian Dish
  • Misa Mach Poora: A Tangy Shrimp Delight
  • Sanpiau
  • Hmarcha RawtA Spicy Green Chili Chutney
  • ZUThe Local Alcoholic Beverage
  • Artui Chhipchhuan ChowNoodles with a Twist
  • Chhangban The Local Bread
  • Mizo Dal and Eggs A Protein-Packed Fusion
  • SawhchiarA Non-Vegetarian Stew
  • BekangThe Signature Fermented Soybean

The food of Mizoram is heavily influenced by its natural resources, with ingredients like bamboo shoots, herbs, and local spices playing a prominent role in the preparation of various dishes.

Let’s explore the Foods of the State in detail.

Details List of 15 Famous Food of Mizoram

Many Popular dishes are served on Banana leaves in the traditional way. Bamboo shoots are a popular food in the State.

Here we have listed 15 famous Mizoram food with details

1. Bai

Among the most beloved food in Mizoram is “Bai.” This delectable preparation features a delightful combination of tender pork, bamboo shoots, and steamed vegetables. Local spices and herbs work their magic, enhancing the dish’s aroma and taste. Bai is a common sight on Mizoram’s dining tables and is also available in soup form for those seeking a comforting and nourishing option.

2. Vawksa Rep

Another Popular food is based on pork from Nagaland. Pork is prepared with local herbs & spices. Cube-shaped pork is used. Which is generally grilled in hot flame & Smoke. Its smoke flavour gives a unique taste to your taste buds.

3. Bamboo Shoot Fry- Traditional food of Mizoram

Bamboo shoots hold a special place in the Mizoram food landscape. “Bamboo Shoot Fry” features these versatile vegetables cooked with local herbs, spices and a medley of other vegetables and shiitake mushrooms. Not only is this dish delicious, but it also boasts health benefits, making it a popular choice among the health-conscious.

4. Panch Phoron Tarkari-

“Panch Phoron Tarkari” is a culinary gem shared with Nagaland, beloved by Mizoram’s food enthusiasts. The name says it all – “Panch Phoron” refers to the five spices, and “Tarkari” means vegetables. Whether you prefer a vegetarian or non-vegetarian version, this delicious food promises a burst of flavour in every bite.

5. Koat Pitha

Indulge in the mouthwatering “Koat Pitha,” a delightful treat crafted from rice flour and bananas. Often prepared with fish, this deep-fried delicacy boasts a crispy exterior and a soft, spongy interior. Served as a snack alongside hot tea, it is a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

6. Chhum Han

“Chhum Han” is a go-to option for health-conscious individuals and those watching their diet. This light and healthy vegetarian dish features a delightful medley of steamed vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and carrots, cooked with tomatoes and ginger.

7. Misa Mach Poora

if you are looking for a shrimp-based dish from Mizoram cuisine, this food is for you. Shrimps are grilled & cooked with mustard oil. Other ingredients like lemon juice, Orange zest & Spices are also used. Usage of lemon gives a tangy flavour to this dish.

8. Sanpiau

As you explore Mizoram’s vibrant streets, you’ll encounter “Sanpiau,” one of the most popular street foods in the region. This dish features rice porridge garnished with coriander, spring onions, black pepper, and more, providing a delightful culinary experience.

9. Hmarcha Rawt

Among the Northeast’s beloved chutneys, “Hmarcha Rawt” stands out. This lip-smacking green chilli chutney is made with roasted chillies and blended with other ingredients. Pair it with rice, parathas, or cheela for a burst of spicy flavours.

10. ZU- Popular beer of Mizoram

It is a Popular Local alcoholic beverage. Zu is the local beer of Mizoram. This Beer is made with Rice, Miller, or Maize. Zu has three 3 variations in the market. They know as Rakzu, Zufang, Zupui.

Mizoram food Image -Zu

11. Artui Chhipchhuan Chow

For noodle enthusiasts, “Artui Chhipchhuan Chow” is a must-try. this famous food of Mizoram is Prepared with vegetables and spices, this delectable noodle dish of Mizoram is served with a sunny-side-up fried egg, making it a popular choice among locals.

This popular food of Mizoram, is loved by all age group,

12. Chhangban

the Popular traditional food of Mizoram “Chhangban,” is actually a local bread. It is crafted from sticky local rice. Local Enjoy it during lunch or dinner, pairing it with vegetables or sauces for a fulfilling meal.

13. Mizo Dal and Eggs

For those seeking a protein-rich option, “Mizo Dal and Eggs” is the perfect choice. Boiled dal is cooked with tomatoes, ginger, garlic, coriander, and other spices before adding boiled eggs to the mix. This Mizo food is Served with hot rice and pickle, this dish is a nutritious delight.

14. Sawhchiar

The saw chair is a Non-vegetarian Stew. One of the most famous foods of Mizoram. This is made of pork, chicken, or mutton. Rice & Meat are boiled together with spices & herbs. Quite Popular during special events. This Popular food is Served hot.

15. Bekang- Traditional food of Mizoram

Last but not least, “Bekang” holds a special place in Mizoram Cuisine. This fermented soybean, also known as Akhuni, adds a distinct and robust flavour to many dishes, making it a beloved ingredient in Mizoram cuisine.

famous food of Mizoram bekang
Famous food of Mizoram -Bekang

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