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Are you from goa or recently visited the state? 

And you are missing the taste of its local food. 

then no need to worry!!!

Here we have picked up some popular local foods and their availability on Amazon India.

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Buy Goan Food Online

1. Kokum

Kokum is a Popular drink in Goa, Maharashtra and Kokan area. Kokani food is incomplete without it. this drink is mostly consumed during the summer season. It gets extracted from kokum fruits and it has many health benefits.

2. Vindaloo

Vindaloo is another popular curry dish from Goa. Chicken vindaloo and Pork Vindaloo is Very Popular dishes. Vindaloo spices paste is available here.

3. Dried Kokum

Dried kokum is a popular food ingredient in Goan Cuisine. One of the most popular dishes is “Soul Curry”. Kokani Food is Incomplete without this food.

4. Xacuti Masala -Goa

Chicken Xacuti is a Popular dish on Goan Menu. You can find this dish in every popular restaurant in Goa. Even it is popular in every household. Xacuti dish is prepared with Special “Xacuti Masala”.

5. Goan Cashew

Goa is known for its Cashews. You can buy the cashew here.

6. Bebinka

Bebinka is a Popular Sweet dish from Goa. Similar to the cake but it has a Multilayered structure. It is an Indo- Portuguese food.

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