Famous Food of Tripura | Tripura Food

Tripura Food

A Brief About the Famous food of Tripura : Famous food of Tripura includes Poad Pitha, Mui Borok, Gudok , Chuak etc. Tripura Cuisine adds dishes made of rice, pulses, vegetables, meat, chutney, and local herbs. They also use fermented fish in their Cuisine. It is a bit salty and spicy in taste. This fermented … Read more

Famous Food of Sikkim | 19 Sikkim food

Sikkim Food

Brief about Sikkim Famous Food : Famous food of Sikkim mostly uses fermented foods like kinema, Sinki, etc. Non-vegetarian food. Dishes from Sikkim are less spicy, it is mostly boiled or steamed. In all social activities and events, locally brewed Rice beer like Chhang / Tongba is very popular. Sikkim is a tea-grown state in … Read more

Top 10 Famous Food of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Food

The list of Famous food of Madhya Pradesh is very diverse. Poha- Jalebi is the famous street food of Madhya Pradesh as Breakfast. Wheat is the staple food of Madhya Pradesh. In Gwalior and Indore milk & milk-based products are quite popular. In Bhopal Region, people love to eat Non-vegetarian food like Meat, Fish, etc. … Read more

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